GATE Mechanical Engineering Study Material

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Engineering Mechanics

* Introduction to Mechanisms
* Mechanisms and Simple Machines
* More on Machines and Mechanisms
* Basic Kinematics of Constrained Rigid Bodies
* Planar Linkages
* Cams
* Gears
* Other Mechanisms
* Engineering Thermodynamics
* Fluid Mechanics
* Heat Transfer
* Pro_Engineer
* Robotics
* Machines Kinematics
* Strength of Materials
* Machine Elements
* Machine Design
* Finite Elements

Engineering Mathematics

* Linear Algebra
* Calculus
* Complex Analysis
* Vector Calculus
* Differential Equations
* Probability - I
* Numerical Methods
* Transform Theory
* Fourier Transform
* Laplace Transform
* Z-Transform


Engineering Mechanics:

* Equivalent force systems
* Equations of equilibrium

Strength of Materials:

* Cold and Hot Working
* Creep
* Ductility
* Engineering and Applications Factor of Safety Review
* Hardness
* Heat Treatment
* Hookes Law
* Material Strength
* Malleability
* Strain
* Strength of Materials Summary and Overview
* Stress
* Cylinder Stress and Deflection with Applied Torsion
* Toughness
* Von Mises Criterion ( Maximum Distortion Energy Criterion )
* Work ( Strain ) Hardening
* Youngs Modulus
* Vibrations

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GATE Mechanical Engineering Study Material

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