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  1. Hello,
    Today I created a account, but I can´t view or download the books.
    Could you help me, why I unable to download the books?
    The name is Competitive Intelligence.
    Mrs Coelho.
    Posted by brunacoelho on 2015-05-24 04:57, email:
  2. Hello,
    I hope I'm getting in contact with the right person. I noticed on the below mentioned page of your website that you made reference to paypal :
    I was wondering if you'd be open to receiving more information, obviously free of charge, based on the experiences of different companies and organizations have had on the subject of paypal. I am not a published writer, but I know of a company that would love to contribute to what you currently have on the topic and can relate to your audience.
    Is this something you might be interested in? Whatever you decide, I just want to say thanks for reading my email. I look forward to your reply. Take care.
    Posted by Marie on 2015-05-23 18:17, email:
  3. too many links are for pay sites. This defeats the whole purpose! Your site is now virtually useless! Are you accepting and blocking links that do this? I'm NOT talking about sponsored links, I'm talking about the regular, free links--or rather than are supposed to be. I'm used to the sites that offer you a choice, but will not be forced to pay. What is your procedure for uploaders who pull something like this?
    Posted by guest on 2015-05-23 00:49, email:
  4. Hello,
    My name is Mariana and I work for ClickDealer.
    We’re a performance marketing company that focuses solely on performance and making the best $$$ with our partners.
    Our publishers are enjoying:
    1. The TOP PAYING offers in the industry.
    2. Top REVENUES in the industry.
    3. EXCLUSIVE OFFERS to pick from.
    4. HIGHEST rates and payment terms.
    If you’re looking for a stable, reliable and winning company to start working with in 2015 we’re the right match for you!
    Looking forward to your answer.
    Kind Regards
    Mariana Geleta
    Posted by Mariana on 2015-05-20 20:24, email:
  5. Any Indian festival is incomplete without the typical Indian festivities, the gatherings, celebrations, exchange of sweets and gifts, lots of noise, singing and dancing. Festivals are the celebration of togetherness the celebrations of being on of the family. Festival of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one such major occasion. Send Online Rakhi to Canada and make your mark forever in the heart of your dear brothers. You can also Send Rakhi Gifts to Canada that clearly conveys how much you love your brother.
    Posted by Bijan Roy on 2015-05-19 14:40, email:
  6. Want more clients and customers? We will help them find you by putting you on the 1st page of Google. Reply back to get a full proposal.
    Posted by Kaitlin Goldstein on 2015-05-19 12:09, email:
  7. I discovered this site doing some COMPASS test prep.
    I thought it was great that it was a wiki site specific for exams like the COMPASS, ACCUPLACER, SAT and ACT. You may want to post a link to it for students.
    Posted by guest on 2015-05-19 06:29, email:
  8. I accidentally hit agree to pay 2.99 for something I do not want to do. Please remove that agreement from my method of payment.
    Keturah McEwen
    Posted by Keturah Mcewen on 2015-05-16 15:12, email:
  9. unsubcibe please
    Posted by rick maldonado on 2015-05-15 07:35, email:
  10. copyright violation.
    I am the author and the sole owner of the copyright of the book available on your website here:
    I never authorised anyone to share it trough any service. please remove it immediately
    Posted by Paolo Miana on 2015-05-14 22:43, email:

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