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  1. 02:32Making Headway: Phrasal Verbs and Idioms (Upper-Intermediate)
  2. 02:32[share_ebook] Penguin English Photocopiables: Have Fun with Vocabulary!
  3. 02:32Practice Tests Plus CAE 2 New Edition with Key
  4. 02:32Leveled Word Cards (English Language Development) (Grade 1)
  5. 02:32[share_ebook] American Accent Training: Grammar with Audio CDs
  6. 02:31Delphi Complete Works of Mark Twain, 9 edition
  7. 02:31Arabic Verbs and Essentials of Grammar
  8. 02:31Learn Cantonese - CantoneseClass101
  9. 02:31Meetings, Negotiations, and Socializing: A Guide to Professional English
  10. 02:31Русско-мансийско-коми тематический словарь

Author / ReadersTop10 Cultures and Languages eBooks:

  1. 1023Cambridge IELTS 6 Student’s Book with Answers
  2. 1022Cambridge Grammar of English Paperback with CD ROM: A Comprehensive Guide (Cambridge Grammar of English)
  3. 1014TOEFL iBT: The Official ETS Study Guide to the New TOEFL
  4. 980TOEFL iBT: The Official ETS Study Guide (McGraw-Hill's TOEFL iBT) by Educational Testing Service
  5. 964Oxford New Headway AUDIO UPPER Intermediate courses
  6. by Oxford University Press / 947Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary - Removed
  7. 893Pimsleur learn French v.II - Removed
  8. 870English vocabulary for IELTS
  9. 855A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
  10. 847IELTS Preparation and Practice: Reading and Writing General Training Module

Added TimeLatest Added Cultures and Languages eBooks:

  1. 2014-11-24Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics by Jack Richards [Repost]
  2. 2014-11-24Ruby Tablet Of Set By Michael A. Aquino
  3. 2014-11-23Handbook of Family Resilience By Dorothy S. Becvar
  4. 2014-11-23A New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese, Bilingual edition (repost)
  5. 2014-11-23A Creole Lexicon: Architecture, Landscape, People
  6. 2014-11-23The Zukofsky Era: Modernity, Margins, and the Avant-Garde
  7. 2014-11-23Women at the Beginning: Origin Myths from the Amazons to the Virgin Mary [Repost]
  8. 2014-11-23Fifty Key Literary Theorists
  9. 2014-11-22Essential Grammar for Today's Writers, Students, and Teachers
  10. 2014-11-22Cognitive Explorations into Metaphor and Metonymy
  11. 2014-11-22Let Our Fame Be Great: Journeys Among the Defiant People of the Caucasus
  12. 2014-11-22Elements of Culture: An Applied Perspective [Repost]
  13. 2014-11-22An Outline of American Literature (General Adult Literature) by Peter B. High
  14. 2014-11-22The Jews of Khazaria, 2nd edition
  15. 2014-11-22A history of the Hebrew language
  16. 2014-11-22Authorial Stance in Research Articles: Examples from Applied Linguistics and Educational Technology
  17. 2014-11-22Yiddish: A Survey and a Grammar
  18. 2014-11-22A History of the Hebrew Language
  19. 2014-11-22At Home with Density (Hong Kong Culture and Society)
  20. 2014-11-22Danish: An Essential Grammar [Repost]
  21. 2014-11-22Mirrors of Memory: Culture, Politics, and Time in Paris and Tokyo
  22. 2014-11-22Moving Lessons: Margaret H'Doubler and the Beginning of Dance in American Education
  23. 2014-11-22Input and Evidence: The raw material of second language acquisition [Repost]
  24. 2014-11-21English for Academic Purposes in Neoliberal Universities: A Critical Grounded Theory
  25. 2014-11-21Graphic Novels and Comics in Libraries and Archives: Essays on Readers, Research, History and Cataloging (repost)
  26. 2014-11-21Мифы народов мира. Энциклопедия. В 2 томах. 2-е изд. Т.1
  27. 2014-11-21Beginning Latin Poetry Reader: 70 Selections from the Great Periods of Roman Verse and Drama [Repost]
  28. 2014-11-21A Companion to the Philosophy of Science (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy) by W. H. Newton-Smith
  29. 2014-11-21Ellipsis: Of Poetry and the Experience of Language After Heidegger, Holderlin, and Blanchot by William S. Allen
  30. 2014-11-21Multilingual Lexical Recognition in the Mental Lexicon of Third Language Users
  31. 2014-11-21The Varieties Of Religious Experience: A Study In Human Nature by William James
  32. 2014-11-21A Critical History of English Literature: From the Beginnings to Milton v. 1
  33. 2014-11-21A Beginners' Guide to Tajiki [Repost]
  34. 2014-11-21David R. Knechtges, Taiping Chang, "Ancient and Early Medieval Chinese Literature: A Reference Guide", Part 2
  35. 2014-11-21Flashes of Fire: A Literary Analysis of the Song of Songs
  36. 2014-11-21The Anthropology of Performance: A Reader
  37. 2014-11-21Native American Mythology
  38. 2014-11-21Ancient Europe, 8000 B.C. to A.D. 1000 (Vol 1-2) by Peter I. Bogucki [Repost]
  39. 2014-11-21Open Letters: Russian Popular Culture and the Picture Postcard 1880-1922
  40. 2014-11-21Dear Mark Twain: Letters from His Readers


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