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  1. 889Book of Erotic Fantasy
  2. 862Warhammer Epic Collection (Part 1 of 6)
  3. 755Beginning Game Programming (Premier Press Game Development) (Paperback)
  4. 755Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots Real World Training
  5. 747The Art Of Metal Gear Solid 2. Sons Of Liberty
  6. 737Win at Chess: A Comprehensive Guide to Winning Chess for the Intermediate Player
  7. 730Play 1d4! (Batsford Chess Book)
  8. 703Beginning C Game Programming (Game Development Series) (Paperback)
  9. 693How to Play the Chess Openings
  10. by David Kushner / 685[share_ebook] Masters of Doom

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  1. 2014-10-02Fighting the Anti-Sicilians: Combating 2 c3, the Closed, the Morra Gambit and other tricky ideas by Richard Palliser
  2. 2014-10-02ZOOM 001: Zero hour for operative opening models by Bent Larsen
  3. 2014-10-02Michael Hall – Games Slim People Play
  4. 2014-10-01Toys, Games, and Media (Repost)
  5. 2014-10-01Karpov's Caro Kann: Panov's Attack (Batsford Chess Books) by Anatoly Karpov
  6. 2014-09-303DMotive - Creating a Puzzle Game in Unity Volume 5
  7. 2014-09-303DMotive - Creating a Puzzle Game in Unity Volume 4
  8. 2014-09-29JDR : Deadlands Reloaded (Officiel BlackBook Editions)
  9. 2014-09-29Vasily Smyslov: Endgame Virtuoso by Vasily Smyslov
  10. 2014-09-29Just the Facts! Winning Endgame Knowledge in One Volume (Comprehensive Chess Course Series) by Lev Alburt
  11. 2014-09-28ANATOLI KARPOV El camino de una voluntad by D Llada
  12. 2014-09-28Mastering the Chess Openings, volume 3 by John Watson
  13. 2014-09-28Panov Attack III: The Attack with 5...g6 by Eric Schiller
  14. 2014-09-281000 Best Short Games of Chess by Irving Chernev [Repost]
  15. 2014-09-27Anti-Sicilians - A Guide for Black by Dorian Rogozenko
  16. 2014-09-27Playstation Official Magazine – November 2014-P2P
  17. 2014-09-27PC Gamer UK – November 2014-P2P
  18. 2014-09-26365 Ways To Checkmate (Repost)
  19. 2014-09-26The Sveshnikov Reloaded by Dorian Rogozenko
  20. 2014-09-26Dynamic Reti (Everyman Chess) by Nigel Davies [Repost]
  21. 2014-09-24Starting Out: 1d4 : A Reliable Repertoire for the Improving Player (Starting Out - Everyman Chess) by John Cox [Repost]
  22. 2014-09-24Defensa Caro-Kann by E. Varnusz
  23. 2014-09-24Divinity Original Sin Update v1.0.169 Incl DLC-RELOADED (PC/ENG/2014)
  24. 2014-09-23Chess Opening Essentials: The Ideas & Plans Behind ALL Chess Openings, The Complete 1. e4 by Stefan Djuric
  25. 2014-09-23The Queen's Gambit & Catalan for Black by Lasha Janjgava [Repost]
  26. 2014-09-21Opening for White According to Kramnik 1.nf3 (Repertoire Books) by Alexander Khalifman
  27. 2014-09-21ChessCafe Puzzle Book, No. 3: Test and Improve Your Defensive Skill! by Karsten Mueller
  28. 2014-09-21Grandmaster Secrets - The Caro-Kann by Peter Wells
  29. 2014-09-20Games That Boost Performance [Repost]
  30. 2014-09-20Win with the London System by Sverre Johnsen
  31. 2014-09-19Gamer UK – Issue 145, 2014-P2P
  32. 2014-09-18Warhammer: Ancient Battles- Wargames in the Ancient World
  33. 2014-09-18Petroff's Defence by Gyozo Forintos
  34. 2014-09-16Angry Birds Stella Astuce Hack
  35. 2014-09-15Scandinavian Defense: The Dynamic 3... Qd6 by Michael Melts
  36. 2014-09-15Pathfinder - Le livre des Damnés
  37. 2014-09-15Leningrader System by Stefan Kindermann
  38. 2014-09-15Before the crash: early video game history
  39. 2014-09-14Pathfinder JDR - Guide de Campagne
  40. 2014-09-14The Game No.2 - Octobre-Novembre 2014


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