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  1. 74 / 17:32[share_ebook] Game Character Animation All in One
  2. by Ian Bogost / 0 / 17:32[share_ebook] Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames - Ian Bogost

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  1. by Eric Lengyel / 875Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics, Second Edition
  2. by Paul Steed / 872Modeling a Character in 3DS Max
  3. by David H. Eberly / 8273D Game Engine Architecture: Engineering Real-Time Applications with Wild Magic ( code)
  4. by Trent Polack / 823Focus On 3D Terrain Programming ( source code)
  5. by Evan Pipho / 822Focus On 3D Models ( source code)
  6. by Mike McShaffry / 815Game Coding Complete
  7. by Richard Williams / 798The Animators Survival Kit: A Manual of Methods, Principles, and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion, and Internet Animators
  8. by Michael Morrison / 796Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours
  9. by Stefan Zerbst and Oliver Duvel / 7743D Game Engine Programming
  10. by Mike Dickheiser / 767Game Programming Gems 6

Added TimeLatest Added Game Development eBooks:

  1. 2015-11-26Embed with Games: A Year on the Couch with Game Developers
  2. 2015-10-12The Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Cost
  3. 2015-10-09Fastest Way To Build Muscle That You Ought To Know
  4. 2015-10-07Farmville Cheat Codes will help you in Growing the Best Crops
  5. 2015-09-29Do you need to avoid feeling intimidated?
  6. 2015-09-23Swift Game Programming for Absolute Beginners
  7. 2015-09-22those vitamins for healthful skin\'s importance can not be understated
  8. 2015-09-09CryEngine Game Development Blueprints
  9. 2015-09-07The Best Penis Enlargement Capsule
  10. 2015-09-04Game Programming Gems 7
  11. 2015-08-31GPU Pro 5: Advanced Rendering Techniques
  12. 2015-08-24Looking For The Top Skincare Products?
  13. 2015-07-25it Play Online Game but don't know where
  14. 2015-07-07Secrets Of Beautiful Skin
  15. 2015-07-03Learning iOS 8 Game Development Using Swift
  16. 2015-06-12Developer’s Dilemma The Secret World of Videogame Creators
  17. 2015-06-08Learning 2D Game Development with Unity A Hands-On Guide to Game Creation
  18. 2015-06-07Sams Teach Yourself Mod Development for Minecraft in 24 Hours
  19. 2015-06-03Let me tell you in a bit detail that this dietary supplement
  20. 2015-06-02Getting Started with Unity 5
  21. 2015-06-02Neuroxium Brain Booster _ Awesome Brain Boosting Formula
  22. 2015-06-01Learning iOS 8 Game Development
  23. 2015-06-01Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5
  24. 2015-05-25Fast Easy Natural Yacon Cleanse
  25. 2015-05-23Skin Care To Cut Back Acne
  26. 2015-05-11Learn Mobile Game Development in One Day Using Gamesalad
  27. 2015-03-09Learning Java by Building Android Games
  28. by Fantasy Flight Games / 2015-01-25Chaos in the Old World - Fantasy Flight Games
  29. by Matthew Delucas / 2015-01-23Gamemaker Game Programming with GML - Matthew Delucas
  30. by Arjan Egges / 2015-01-22Building JavaScript Games: for Phones, Tablets, and Desktop - Arjan Egges
  31. by Mark R. Wilkins / 2015-01-22MEL Scripting for Maya Animators (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) - Mark R. Wilkins
  32. by Richard Palliser / 2015-01-21Play 1d4! (Batsford Chess Book) - Richard Palliser
  33. by Mark DeLoura / 2015-01-20Game Programming Gems 2 (Game Programming Gems (W/CD)) (Vol 2) - Mark DeLoura
  34. by Ashley Salisbury / 2015-01-20Game Development Business and Legal Guide (Premier Press Game Development) - Ashley Salisbury
  35. by Clinton Keith / 2015-01-19Agile Game Development with Scrum (Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Cohn)) - Clinton Keith
  36. by Ashley Salisbury / 2015-01-19Game Development Business and Legal Guide (Premier Press Game Development) - Ashley Salisbury
  37. by Silvia Domenech / 2015-01-18Create Mobile Games with Corona: Build with Lua on iOS and Android - Silvia Domenech
  38. by Sanjay Madhav / 2015-01-18Game Programming Algorithms and Techniques: A Platform-Agnostic Approach - Sanjay Madhav
  39. by Clinton Keith / 2015-01-17Agile Game Development with Scrum (Addison-Wesley Signature Series (Cohn)) - Clinton Keith
  40. by Jonathan Williamson / 2015-01-17Character Development in Blender 2.5 - Jonathan Williamson


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