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  1. 0 / 17:56J. Robert Lilly, "La Face cachée des GI'S"
  2. 0 / 17:56Michel Duchein, "50 années qui ébranlèrent l'Angleterre : Les deux Révolutions du XVIIe siècle"
  3. 0 / 17:56Empires of the Sea: The Siege of Malta, the Battle of Lepanto, and the Contest for the Center of the World (Repost)
  4. 0 / 17:56Reading Architectural History
  5. 0 / 17:56Aircraft, Strategy and Operations of the Soviet Air Force
  6. 0 / 17:56Russian Tanks Of World War II - Stalin's Armoured Might (Repost)
  7. 0 / 17:56T-34 Vol. II (Wydawnictwo Militaria №265) (repost)
  8. 0 / 17:561914-1918: The History of the First World War
  9. 397 / 17:56War on Crime: Bandits, G-Men, and the Politics of Mass Culture
  10. 0 / 17:56Штурмовик Хеншель Hs 129

Author / ReadersTop10 History and Military eBooks:

  1. 880Kill Without Joy!: The Complete How To Kill Book
  2. 874Osprey 'Aircam Aviation Series Specials' Books
  3. 863Pavel Tsatsouline : Collection of Famous Books
  4. 860OSPREY. Combat Aircraft Series
  5. 852OSPREY. Campaign Series #31-40
  6. by Kisshomaru Ueshiba / 839The Art Of Aikido: Principles And Essential Techniques
  7. 839Physics of Semiconductor Devices
  8. 808Osprey's Gold Collection - Part 1 - Elite series
  9. 786The B-58 Hustler
  10. 785The German Army in World War II by Nigel Thomas

Added TimeLatest Added History and Military eBooks:

  1. 2014-12-22Juno Beach: Canadian 3rd Infantry Division (Battleground Europe)
  2. 2014-12-22Walking D-Day (Battleground Europe)
  3. 2014-12-22LNER Steam Revival
  4. 2014-12-22The Birth of the Orchestra: History of an Institution, 1650-1815 by John Spitzer and Neal Zaslaw
  5. 2014-12-22Повседневная жизнь российских жандармов
  6. 2014-12-22Confessions of an economic hit man
  7. 2014-12-22Ордена, наградные знаки и медали от Петра I до современности (Награды России)
  8. 2014-12-22Крымское ханство в XVIII веке
  9. 2014-12-22Robert Winchelsey and the Crown 1294-1313: A Study in the Defence of Ecclesiastical Liberty (repost)
  10. 2014-12-22The Definition of a Peripheral Economy: Turkey 1923-1929 (repost)
  11. 2014-12-22The Origins of Industrial Capitalism in India: Business Strategies and the Working Classes in Bombay, 1900-1940 (repost)
  12. 2014-12-22Nature and the Environment in Pre-Columbian American Life (repost)
  13. 2014-12-21Development of Muslim Theology, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Theory by Duncan B. MacDonald [Repost]
  14. 2014-12-21City Women: Money, Sex, and the Social Order in Early Modern London
  15. 2014-12-21Барцева Т.Б. - Цветная металлообработка скифского времени. Лесостепное Днепровское Левобережье
  16. 2014-12-21The Tide of War: The 1814 Invasions of Upper Canada
  17. 2014-12-21The Pendulum of War: The Fight for Upper Canada, January-June 1813
  18. 2014-12-21The Underground Reporters
  19. 2014-12-21Wings Across Canada: An Illustrated History of Canadian Aviation
  20. 2014-12-21White Ensign Flying: Corvette HMCS Trentonian
  21. 2014-12-21The Dark Game: True Spy Stories from Invisible Ink to CIA Moles
  22. 2014-12-21The Fate of the Masterpiece: How the Monuments Men Rescued the Mystic Lamb from the Nazis
  23. 2014-12-21The Explorers: A Story of Fearless Outcasts, Blundering Geniuses, and Impossible Success
  24. 2014-12-21Shanghai Escape
  25. 2014-12-21Churchill and the King: The Wartime Alliance of Winston Churchill and George VI
  26. 2014-12-21The Jews: Story of a People
  27. 2014-12-21Самолеты Первой мировой войны
  28. 2014-12-21Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (2): Cavalry (Men-at-Arms Series 181) (Repost)
  29. 2014-12-21Ben-Gurion: Father of Modern Israel
  30. 2014-12-21The Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (2): Cavalry 1799-1814 (Men-at-Arms Series 189) (Repost)
  31. 2014-12-21The Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars (1) : Infantry 1799-1814 (Men-at-Arms Series 185) (Repost)
  32. 2014-12-21U.S. Constitution For Beginners
  33. 2014-12-21Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story
  34. 2014-12-21Gettysburg: The Story of the Battle with Maps
  35. 2014-12-21Ils venaient d'Algérie - L'Immigration Algérienne en France (1912-1992) - Benjamin Stora
  36. 2014-12-21Ärzte oder Wunderheiler?: Die Macht der Medizin und der Mythos des Heilens by Norbert Schmacke
  37. 2014-12-21Archäologie der Medienwirkung: Faszinationstypen von der Antike bis heute by Martin Andree (Repost)
  38. 2014-12-21A World Without Jews: The Nazi Imagination from Persecution to Genocide
  39. 2014-12-20American Civil War Armies (2): Union Troops (Men-at-Arms Series 177) (Repost)
  40. 2014-12-20Life at the Bottom of Babylonian Society


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