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  1. 0 / 02:26A Grave Too Far Away - A Tribute to Australians in Bomber Command Europe
  2. 0 / 02:26White Devil: A True Story of War, Savagery And Vengeance in Colonial America
  3. 0 / 02:26Colors & markings of the C-130 Hercules: Special Purpose Aircraft (C&M Vol. 7) (Repost)
  4. 0 / 02:26Giap: The General Who Defeated America in Vietnam
  5. 0 / 02:26Political Philosophy
  6. 0 / 02:26The Invention of the Jewish People (repost)
  7. 0 / 02:26Islamic Narrative and Authority in Southeast Asia: From the 16th to the 21st Century (Contemporary Anthropology of Religion)
  8. 0 / 02:26Waffen-Arsenal Band 165: Kräder der Wehrmacht - Ausbildung und Einsatz 1935 bis 1945 (Repost)
  9. 0 / 02:26Before the Revolution: America's Ancient Pasts
  10. 0 / 02:26Monmouth Courthouse 1778: The Last Great Battle In The North (Campaign 135) (Repost)

Author / ReadersTop10 History and Military eBooks:

  1. 880Kill Without Joy!: The Complete How To Kill Book
  2. 874Osprey 'Aircam Aviation Series Specials' Books
  3. 863Pavel Tsatsouline : Collection of Famous Books
  4. 860OSPREY. Combat Aircraft Series
  5. 852OSPREY. Campaign Series #31-40
  6. by Kisshomaru Ueshiba / 839The Art Of Aikido: Principles And Essential Techniques
  7. 839Physics of Semiconductor Devices
  8. 808Osprey's Gold Collection - Part 1 - Elite series
  9. 786The B-58 Hustler
  10. 785The German Army in World War II by Nigel Thomas

Added TimeLatest Added History and Military eBooks:

  1. 2014-07-29Этюды звездной астрономии
  2. 2014-07-29Rutt Hinrikus, Tiina Kirss, "Estonian Life Stories"
  3. 2014-07-29Fairey Rotodyne
  4. 2014-07-29The History of Zonaras: From Alexander Severus to the Death of Theodosius the Great (repost)
  5. 2014-07-29From Bouncing Bombs to Concorde: The Authorised Biography of Aviation Pioneer George Edwards OM
  6. 2014-07-29The Secret World of Vickers Guided Weapons
  7. 2014-07-29Augustus und seine Zeit, Auflage: 6
  8. 2014-07-28История Индий
  9. 2014-07-28The Party of Order
  10. 2014-07-28Българските ВВС и Студената Война / The Bulgarian Air Force and the Cold War
  11. 2014-07-28Българската Авиация През Студената Война / Bulgarian Aviation Through Cold War
  12. 2014-07-28A Disastrous History of the World: Chronicles of War, Earthquake, Plague and Flood (repost)
  13. 2014-07-28Student Resistance: A History of the Unruly Subject
  14. 2014-07-28The Submarine: A Cultural History from the Great War to Nuclear Combat (repost)
  15. 2014-07-28The Suez Crisis 1956 (Essential Histories 49) (Repost)
  16. 2014-07-28Deutsche schwere 6-Rad-Panzerspähwagen (Waffen-Arsenal Band 89) (Repost)
  17. 2014-07-28Kleines Kettenkraftrad. Typ HK-101, Sd. Kfz.2 (Waffen-Arsenal Band 88) (Repost)
  18. 2014-07-28Opel im Kriege (Waffen-Arsenal Band 82) (Repost)
  19. 2014-07-28Focke-Wulf Fw 190. Das Flugzeug, das Jäger, Bomber und Schlachtflugzeug war (Waffen-Arsenal Band 95) (Repost)
  20. 2014-07-28Empires of the Sea: The Siege of Malta, the Battle of Lepanto, and the Contest for the Center of the World (Repost)
  21. 2014-07-28Squadron/Signal Publications 5532: SR-71 Blackbird - Walk Around Number 32 (Repost)
  22. 2014-07-28Squadron/Signal Publications 5531: C-130 Hercules - Walk Around Number 31 (Repost)
  23. 2014-07-28Berlin 1961: Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Most Dangerous Place on Earth (repost)
  24. 2014-07-28Prisoner of History: Aspasia of Miletus and Her Biographical Tradition (repost)
  25. 2014-07-28A Colonial Economy in Crisis: Burma's Rice Cultivators and the World Depression of the 1930s
  26. 2014-07-28The Freedom Summer Murders
  27. 2014-07-28Philipp II und Alexander der Grosse
  28. 2014-07-28Empire Lost: Britain, the Dominions and the Second World War (Repost)
  29. 2014-07-28Ilustrovana Istorija Vazduhoplovstva - Savremeni Ikari
  30. 2014-07-28Bravest: How Some of Australia's Greatest War Heroes Won Their Medals
  31. 2014-07-28Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea: The History and Discovery of the World's Richest Shipwreck
  32. 2014-07-28The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka
  33. 2014-07-28Ilustrovana Istorija Vazduhoplovstva - Začetnici Avijacije
  34. 2014-07-28Крылья Страны Советов / Wings of the land of the Soviets
  35. 2014-07-28Повесть временных лет. В двух томах. Том II
  36. 2014-07-28Буденный
  37. 2014-07-28Churchill's Triumph: A Novel of Betrayal (repost)
  38. 2014-07-28Трагедия 1941 года
  39. 2014-07-28Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer (repost)
  40. 2014-07-28American War of Independence Commanders (Osprey Elite 93) (repost)


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