LiveLessons - INE - CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Troubleshooting

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LiveLessons - INE - CCIE Routing and Switching Advanced Troubleshooting
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Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 LiveLessons Complete Video Training is a comprehensive training course that brings Cisco CCNA exam topics to life through the use of real-world demonstrations, animations, live instruction, and configurations, making learning these foundational networking topics easy and fun.
Best-selling author, expert instructor, and double CCIE Kevin Wallace walks you through the full range of topics on the CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 exam, including networking basics, local area networks, routing, router services, network security, advanced switching features, router operation, OSPF and EIGRP operation and configuration, first-hop redundancy protocols, network management, and WAN connection types and configuration. This unique product contains multiple types of video presentations, including live instructor whiteboarding, real world demonstrations, animations of network activity, dynamic KeyNote presentations, doodle videos, and hands-on router and switch CLI configuration and troubleshooting in real lab environments, allowing you to both learn the concepts and the hands-on application. The 400+ videos contained in this product provide you more than 26 hours of instruction. Modules are divided into easy to digest lessons and sublessons and conclude with summaries and interactive module and glossary quizzes to help assess your knowledge. Modules are grouped into eight parts that also conclude with part review quizzes, challenging you to recall information across multiple topics. The product concludes with a series of lessons that give you valuable advice to help prepare for the actual exam.

Designed to take you inside CCNA networking concepts in a unique and interactive way, Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 LiveLessons Complete Video Training is guaranteed to help you master the foundational networking topics that will help you succeed on the exam and on the job.
Part 1:
1.Introduction to Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Complete Video Course
2.Introduction to Cisco CCENT ICND1 100-101 Complete Video Course
3.Part I Networking Basics Introduction
4.Networking Concepts Introduction
5.Lesson 1 The Purpose of Networks
6.Lesson 2 Common Network Components
7.Legacy Network Components
11.Network Media
12.Coaxial Cable
13.Twisted Pair
14.Fiber Optics
15.Lesson 3 Categorizing Networks
16.Classifying Networks by Geography
22.Classifying Networks by Topology
23.Ring Topology
24.Bus Topology
25.Star Topology
26.Hub and Spoke Topology
27.Full Mesh Topology
28.Partial Mesh Topology
29.Classifying Networks by Architecture
30.Client Server Architecture
31.Peer to Peer Architecture
32.Module 1 Summary
33.Protocol Reference Models Introduction
34.Lesson 1 The OSI Model Introduction
40.Lesson 2 The TCPIP Stack Introduction
41.Network Interface Layer
42.Internet Layer
43.Transport Layer
44.Application Layer
45.Common TCPIP Protocols
46.Module 2 Summary
47.Part I Review
48.Part II LANs Introduction
49.Ethernet Introduction
50.Lesson 1 History of Ethernet
51.Lesson 2 Ethernet Distance and Speed Limitations
52.Lesson 3 Switch Operation
53.MAC Addresses
54.CAM Table
55.Collision Domains
56.Broadcast Domains
57.Frame Forwarding Options
58.Cut-Through Switching
59.Store-and-Forward Switching
60.Fragment-Free Switching
61.Traffic Flow Through a Switched Network
62.Module 3 Summary
63.Switch Configuration Introduction
64.Lesson 1 Switch Hardware
65.Switch LEDs
66.Port Addressing
67.Lesson 2 Logging In
68.Connecting via the Console
69.Configuring a Management IP Address
70.Configuring a Default Gateway
71.Setting Console and VTY Passwords
72.Checking for Connectivity with Ping
73.Enabling Telnet Access
74.Enabling SSH Access
75.Lesson 3 Viewing Switch Information
77.Current Configuration
78.Interface Status
79.MAC Address Table
80.Port Security
81.Lesson 4 Basic Switch Configuration
82.Setting a Hostname
83.Setting the Enable Password
84.Setting the Exec Timeout
85.Encrypting Passwords
86.Creating a Banner
87.Specifying Port Speed and Duplex
88.Saving the Configuration
89.Lesson 5 Configuring VLANs
90.VLAN Theory
91.VLAN Creation
92.Assigning Ports to a VLAN
93.Lesson 6 Configuring Trunks
94.Trunking Theory
95.Trunking Modes
96.Creating a Trunk
97.Specifying the Native VLAN
98.Limiting VLANs on a Trunk
99.Lesson 7 Configuring VTP
100.VTP Theory
101.VTP Modes
102.VTP Operation Example
103.VTP Configuration
104.Resetting the Configuration Revision Number
105.Module 4 Summary
106.Troubleshooting Switch Operation Introduction
107.Lesson 1 Isolating the Issue
108.Lesson 2 Checking Interface Status
109.Lesson 3 Checking for Interface Errors
110.Lesson 4 Discovering Neighbors
111.Lesson 5- Checking a Port?s VLAN
112.Lesson 6 Checking Trunk Status
113.Module 5 Summary
114.Part II Review
115.Part III Routing Introduction
116.IPv4 Addressing Introduction
117.Lesson 1 Binary Numbering
118.Lesson 2 IPv4 Address Formatting
119.Lesson 3 Types of IPv4 Addresses
120.Address Classes
121.Private vs. Public IPv4 Addresses
122.Lesson 4 Types of IPv4 Traffic Patterns
126.Lesson 5 Assigning IPv4 Addresses
127.Lesson 6 The Need for Subnetting
128.Lesson 7 IPv4 Subnetting
129.Calculating Available Subnets
130.Calculating Available Hosts
131.Subnetting Practice Exercise #1
132.Subnetting Practice Exercise #2
133.Subnetting Practice Exercise #3
134.Calculating Ranges of Usable IPv4 Addresses
135.Subnetting Practice Exercise #4
136.Subnetting Practice Exercise #5
137.How to Get More Practice
138.Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)
139.Module 6 Summary
140.IPv6 Addressing Introduction
141.Lesson 1 IPv6 Address Format
142.Lesson 2 Shortening an IPv6 Address
143.Practice Exercise
144.Lesson 3 IPv6 Address Types
145.Global Unicast
147.Link Local
148.Unique Local
151.Solicited-Node Multicast
154.Lesson 4 IPv6 Traffic Flows
155.Module 7 Summary
156.Basic Router Configuration Introduction
157.Lesson 1 Router Operation
158.Common Interface Types
159.IP Routing Table
160.Sources of Route Information
161.Traffic Flow Through a Routed Network
162.Packet Forwarding
163.Lesson 2 Router Hardware
164.Router LEDs
165.Interface Addressing
166.Lesson 3 Logging In
167.Console vs. VTY Lines
168.Checking for Connectivity with Ping
169.Connecting Insecurely with Telnet
170.Connecting Securely with SSH
171.Lesson 4 Viewing Router Information
173.Current Configuration
174.Interface Status
175.IP Routing Table
176.Neighboring Devices
177.Lesson 5 Basic Router Configuration
178.Setting a Hostname
179.Setting the Enable Password
180.Setting the Exec Timeout
181.Encrypting Passwords
182.Assigning an IPv4 Address to an Interface
183.Assigning an IPv6 Address to an Interface
184.Creating Banners
185.Lesson 6 DEMO - Basic Router Setup
186.Module 8 Summary
187.Configuring Routing Introduction
188.Lesson 1 Routing Protocol Characteristics
189.Distance Vector Routing Protocols
190.Link State Routing Protocols
191.Passive Interfaces
192.Lesson 2 Configuring OSPF
193.OSPF Overview
194.OSPF Basics
Part3 :
195.Introduction to Dijkstra???s Algorithm
196.Dijkstra Algorithm Calculation
197.Some OSPF Terminology
198.Neighborship vs. Adjacency
199.Designated Routers
200.Electing a Designated Router
201.Forming an Adjacency
202.Measuring Cost
204.OSPF Network Types
205.Single-Area OSPF
207.OSPFv2 Configuration and Verification
208.OSPFv3 Configuration and Verification
209.Lesson 3 Configuring InterVLAN Routing
211.The Router-on-a-Stick Concept
212.Configuring a Router-on-a-Stick
213.Switch Virtual Interface
214.Defining an SVI
215.Configuring an SVI
216.Module 9 Summary
217.Troubleshooting Routing Issues Introduction
218.Lesson 1 IP Address Issues
219.Lesson 2 Verifying Host Configuration
220.Lesson 3 Checking Connectivity with Ping
221.Lesson 4 Tracing a Route
222.Lesson 5 Understanding Layer 1
223.Lesson 6 Discovering Neighbors
224.Lesson 7 DEMO Troubleshooting Case Study
225.Module 10 Summary
226.Part III Review
227.Part IV Services and Security Introduction
228.Router Services Introduction
229.Lesson 1 DHCP
230.DHCP Theory
231.IP Helper Address
232.Configuring a Router as a DHCP Server
233.Lesson 2 NAT
234.NAT Theory
235.NAT Terminology
236.Static NAT
237.Dynamic NAT
238.Port Address Translation (PAT)
239.Lesson 3 NTP
240.NTP Theory
241.NTP Configuration and Verification
242.Module 11 Summary
243.Access Control Lists Introduction
244.Lesson 1 ACL Theory
245.Lesson 2 Standard ACLs
246.Lesson 3 Extended ACLs
247.Numbered ACLs
248.Named ACLs
249.Lesson 4 ACL Configuration Considerations
250.Lesson 5 Troubleshooting ACLs
251.Module 12 Summary
252.Device Security Introduction
253.Lesson 1 Securing Device Access
254.Physical Security
255.Connecting Securely
256.External Authentication
257.Lesson 2 Switch Port Security
258.Shutting Down Unused Ports
259.Review of Port Security
260.Putting Unused Ports in an Unused VLAN
261.Selecting a Non-Default Native VLAN
262.Module 13 Summary
263.Part IV Review
264.Introduction to Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching ICND2 200-101 Complete Video Course
265.Part I Switch Features Introduction
266.Module 1 Advanced Switching Features Introduction
267.Lesson 1 Spanning Tree Protocol
268.Introduction to STP
269.Issues without STP
270.MAC Address Table Corruption
271.Broadcast Storm
272.Identifying STP Port States
273.Practice Exercise
274.STP Convergence
275.STP Variants
276.Example PVST+ (Calculation)
277.Example PVST+ (Configuration)
278.PortFast and BPDU Guard
279.Lesson 2 EtherChannel
280.EtherChannel Theory
281.EtherChannel Port Options
282.EtherChannel Configuration and Verification
283.Troubleshooting EtherChannel Issues
284.Module 1 Summary
285.Part I Review
286.Part II Router Features Introduction
287.Module 2 Router Operation Introduction
288.Lesson 1 Understanding a Router???s Boot Sequence
289.Lesson 2 Differentiating Between Boot Options
290.Lesson 3 Working with Cisco IOS Files
291.Lesson 4 Cisco IOS Images
Part4 :
292.Lesson 5 Cisco IOS Licenses
293.Lesson 6 Password Recovery
294.Lesson 7 Routing Protocol Characteristics
295.Administrative Distance
296.Split Horizon
298.Next Hop Address
299.Lesson 8 Troubleshooting Router Operation
300.Verifying Routing is Enabled
301.Checking the IP Routing Table
302.Monitoring Path Selection
303.Verifying Interface Status
304.Module 2 Summary
305.Module 3 OSPF Operation and Configuration Introduction
306.Lesson 1 Review of OSPF Operation
307.Lesson 2 OSPFv2 Configuration
308.Multi-Area Configuration Example
309.Influencing Designated Router Selection
310.Hello and Dead Timers
311.Configuring Neighbor Authentication
312.Lesson 3 OSPFv3 Configuration
313.OSPFv3 Configuration with IPv6 Example
314.Verifying OSPFv3 Operation
315.Lesson 4 Troubleshooting OSPF
316.Collecting Information
317.OSPF Troubleshooting Exercise #1
318.OSPF Troubleshooting Exercise #2
319.Module 3 Summary
320.Module 4 EIGRP Operation and Configuration Introduction
321.Lesson 1 Review of EIGRP Operation
322.EIGRP Fundamentals
323.Routing Structures
324.Path Selection
325.Metric Calculation
326.Lesson 2 EIGRP Configuration
327.IPv4 Configuration Example
328.IPv6 Configuration Example
329.Influencing Metric Calculation
330.Configuring Neighbor Authentication
331.Configuring Unequal Cost Load Balancing
332.The Auto Summarization Option
333.The Passive Interface Option
334.Lesson 3 Troubleshooting EIGRP
335.Collecting Information
336.EIGRP Troubleshooting Exercise #1
337.EIGRP Troubleshooting Exercise #2
338.Module 4 Summary
339.Part II Review
340.Part III Services Introduction
341.Module 5 First Hop Redundancy Protocols Introduction
342.Lesson 1 HSRP
343.HSRP Operation
344.HSRP Configuration
345.HSRP Verification
346.Lesson 2 VRRP
347.VRRP Operation
348.VRRP Configuration and Verification
349.Lesson 3 GLBP
350.GLBP Operation
351.GLBP Configuration and Verification
352.Module 5 Summary
353.Module 6 Network Monitoring Applications Introduction
354.Lesson 1 Syslog
355.Syslog Operation
356.Syslog Configuration and Verification
357.Lesson 2 SNMP
358.SNMP Operation
359.SNMP Configuration and Verification
360.Lesson 3 NetFlow
361.NetFlow Operation
362.NetFlow Configuration and Verification
363.Module 6 Summary
364.Part III Review
365.Part IV WAN Technologies Introduction
366.Module 7 WAN Connection Types Introduction
367.Lesson 1 Metro Ethernet
368.Lesson 2 VSAT
369.Lesson 3 Cellular 3G4G
370.Lesson 4 MPLS
371.Lesson 5 T1E1
372.Lesson 6 ISDN
373.Lesson 7 DSL
374.Lesson 8 Frame Relay
375.Lesson 9 Cable
376.Lesson 10 VPN
377.Module 7 Summary
378.Module 8 WAN Configuration Introduction
379.Lesson 1 Basic Serial Interface Configuration and Verification
380.Lesson 2 Configuring and Verifying PPP
381.Lesson 3 Configuring and Verifying Frame Relay
382.Lesson 4 Configuring and Verifying PPPoE
383.Module 8 Summary
384.Part IV Review
385.CCNA Exam Tips Introduction
386.Lesson 1 How to Register for the Exam
387.Lesson 2 Study Tips
388.Lesson 3 What to do on Exam Day
389.CCNA Exam Tips Review


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