Perry Marshall - Definitive Guide to Google Adwords 2011 Edition

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Perry Marshall - Definitive Guide to Google Adwords 2011 Edition

Unstoppable Forces Will Either Propel You to Victory or Bury You on Page 2-3-4 of GoogleÂ’s Search Results.

You Either Win or Lose.

Things arenÂ’t getting any easier out there. Which is why IÂ’m introducing a new weapon for winning the war on the right side of the page: The 2011 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords.

Dear Online Marketing Professional,

Record numbers of people are coming to the web to do business. As the offline economy stumbles and falters, as politicians promise helpless, ineffective solutions, the Internet continues to heat up.
What Powerful Trends Mean for You

Never before has being at the bottom of the AdWords heap been so expensive or cost you more time than it does right now.


Never before have so many people been trying to climb to the top of the AdWords heap!

Staying at the front of the Google AdWords wavefront is critical to the continued success of your business. If your rival gains the upper hand, the long-term consequences may be grave.

When you prevail, the benefits of dominating a market continue to earn compound interest. Market Dominators still control their own destiny and still make the majority of the profits.

Even in the present crunch, it is still possible to prosper. At my last Roundtable meeting, 1/3 of the members had experienced a record sales month in the last four months.

Nevertheless, I mince no words: If you are going to prosper in 2011Â…. Prepare for battle.

If getting visitors to your site via Google AdWords is oxygen for your business (even if youÂ’re doing comfortably well), donÂ’t you even think about resting on your laurels, because somebody is hungry to take whatÂ’s yours.

If you stumble even for a minute, dozens of competitors are positioned to pounce.

If you’re #1 in your market, you get the best customers, the best opportunities, and the best defense against competition. Like I said, “Winner Takes All“.

ThatÂ’s why Bryan Todd and I have thoroughly updated the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords for 2011.
Whether youÂ’re brand new at AdWords or 7-year veteran, the new 2011 Definitive Guide to Google AdWords will decisively advance your game in 2 hours or less.

DG2011 icon small Adwords GuideHow I would love to take everyone back to the “golden days” of Google AdWords when 25-cent clicks were plentiful and you could “get away with” almost anything.

But time moves in only one direction and itÂ’s not 2004 anymore. Back then you could make two or three tweaks and trounce your competition.

Today your blade needs to be a lot sharper.

3% of the advertisers get 50% of the traffic and by this time next year the number will be 2%.

One year from now, 2% of the advertisers on Google will have 50% of the traffic. Because thereÂ’s still only ONE first page of Google search results.

Yeah, I know, thatÂ’s not happy-happy, joy-joy. ItÂ’s not what you want to hear. But if you know me, you know I tell it like it is. I wonÂ’t send you into battle with plastic swords and helmets. I arm my students with the best and latest information and I have redoubled my commitment with this latest salvo.

OK, so IÂ’ve told you the bad news. HereÂ’s the good news:

1. Being in the top 2-5% of advertisers who get 30% to 60% of the traffic is NOT rocket science. It simply requires that you slice your campaigns in more dimensions than most advertisers.
2. ThereÂ’s a LOT of pond scum out there. People who are blind, naked, ignorant and clueless. Outperforming the bottom 90% of advertisers is NOT as hard as it sounds. In fact itÂ’s reduced to having a state-of-the art checklist and a few advanced techniques in your bag of tricks.
3. A well-built Google account is harder to knock off than ever before. Yes, there are all kinds of robotic search-and-destroy programs for affiliate marketers that replicate Google campaigns. But there are dozens of campaign fine-tunings that these robots cannot discern, and the 2011 Definitive Guide reveals these adjustments to you.
4. The 2011 Definitive Guide arms you with market research techniques no machine can replicate and most of your competitors will never know to hunt for.
We have created SIX Niche Expert Modules that fine-tune your game plan and business model, depending on your focus.

Choose from 6 Niche Expert Modules: Affiliate Marketing, Just Getting Started, Information Marketing, Marketing in the UK, Copywriting, and the Content Network.

We have created SIX Niche Expert Modules that fine-tune your game plan depending on your focus. Let me tell you about the modules:

Affiliate Marketing Module

Amit Mehta built his part-time affiliate marketing empire while working in a research lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This man is no slouch.

HeÂ’s built an enviable torrent of Google traffic and a reliable methodology for building affiliate businesses based on systems.

HeÂ’s the founder of PPC Classroom and my own Affiliate Manager Jack Born raves about his content.

The way most people do affiliate marketing, itÂ’s not really a business, itÂ’s a promotion. Affiliate traffic brokers have no control over anything but their Google ads.

ThatÂ’s bad enough, but that alone is not the problem.

The problem is, they donÂ’t even own a system for maintaining their position or securing new opportunities.

Which means you’re riding high, making $12,000 per month completely on auto-pilot – then suddenly one day you look at your stats a 9am and discover that at 6:35am that morning, it all crashed and burned.

And thereÂ’s not a dang thing you can do about it.

IÂ’ve been concerned about the increasing volatility of affiliate marketing, which is why Amit revealsÂ…

The “Real Estate Broker” paradigm of affiliate marketing – directly borrowed from one of the oldest businesses in the world and adapted to 2011 digital technology
Amit’s streamlined, hard-numbers “airline cockpit” and the gauges he watches with an eagle eye
Insider secrets of the affiliate marketing industry – without them you are lunch meat
Which affiliate networks and offers work best for beginners, vs. systems for advanced players
The affiliate marketing “food chain” and positions most never consider
Multiple affiliate marketing models: Direct linking; Review Sites; Cost Per Action; Cost Per Sale; Licensing; Exclusivity; Online to Offline; Click to Email and Hybrid Sales Funnels. Each model has PROS and each has CONS and we discuss them in detail.

Affiliate Module Bonus #2:

Mr. X on “What I would tell my brother, sister or cousin about Affiliate Marketing”

You may have noticed that most of the testimonials on my website do not include a website address. ThereÂ’s a reason for this: My customers often donÂ’t want their competitors to know whatÂ’s up.

But most importantly, they donÂ’t want people to reverse-engineer their Google campaigns and knock them off.

Mr. X is one such person. I was at a seminar and this guy came up to me, introduced himself, and said, “I bought your Definitive Guide to Google AdWords 2 years ago, I started doing affiliate marketing and quit my attorney job and I’ve been making a comfortable six figure income ever since. Thank you, thank you!”

I asked him if I could interview him and he declined.

I said, “How about if I make you completely anonymous?”

He agreed to that, so long as I kept his identity a secret.

We talked for an hour and 10 minutes, recorded in MP3 and transcribed so you can read it.

You get:

His story of leaving his post as an attorney not long after the first Google Slap
The initial struggle to get off the ground and how he cracked the code on affiliate marketing
What he outsources and why
Specific personality traits required for Pay Per Click affiliate marketers (forget ‘one size fits all’ – neither of us believes that “anybody can do it” – so you might as well find out now if you can, or if you can’t)
Why other affiliate models work for other personality types, and what those models are
What niches to focus on, and how to match your experience and inclinations to the affiliate marketplace
A critical X factor that you can probably judge in 60 seconds or less – which nevertheless most affiliates do NOT consider!
How you progress from commodity affiliate marketer (“180 pounds of human capital”) to valued VIP insider
A certain type of relationship building that is MANDATORY if you want to crack six figures in the affiliate ball game
How you achieve the most important success factor of all: SPEED of execution
And finally, you experience the warm human touch of a man who loves what he does so much, it doesnÂ’t feel like work!

Beginners Module

IÂ’ve known Kevin Thompson for ten years and heÂ’s one of the sharpest guys in the direct marketing business, especially in regards to helping new soldiers dodge landmines.

As you listen to the recording, you’ll hear that Kevin and I – unscripted and unexpectedly – realized that Kevin was the very first person to buy my book The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords in April 2003, before it was even published.

ThereÂ’s a reason for that. He was one of the best marketing students IÂ’ve ever had then or since and he was in the room that night at a tiny seminar in Tampa, Florida, because he was earnestly pursuing marketing excellence.

IÂ’ll let you hear the rest of the story when you listen to the MP3 or read the transcript. What we cover in this module:

The most common reason why people choose a specific business, and why itÂ’s the WRONG reason
Elements of the “biz-op” world – lies that beginners almost always fall for, and the signature of the professional con man
The right way to choose a business – totally counter-intuitive to 3/4ths of the population (people who achieve it, knowingly or not, blend ‘positive thinking’ with ruthless pragmatism and that’s why they can pull this off)
Realistic expectations one week, one month and one year into your online business (we explode huge, destructive myths about measuring success in a startup operation)
The #1 habit you MUST form, which virtually guarantees success once youÂ’ve verified real demand for your product
A true professionalÂ’s version of “Market Research 101″ – steps that are absolutely MANDATORY for every startup, before you spend a single dollar on traffic
A weird little quirk IÂ’ve seen in just about every online business IÂ’ve ever seen

Info Marketing Module

The first time I ever heard the term “Information Marketing” was in 1997 and back then it was a hidden industry.

The Internet changed all that.

I would estimate that the number of “info marketers” in the world has grown 100X in the last 10 years. Maybe more.

A decade ago you could develop an info product, a print advertisement (likely a space ad or classified) along with a series of direct mail letters and once that system was profitable you could run it for 2-3 years before major changes were necessary.

Gradually people moved to the Internet.

Now the lifespan of such a product is 2-3 months and generally requires a complex sales funnel and business model. The proliferation of “quick turn” info marketers on the Internet has made it exponentially more difficult to sustain an info business.

Nonetheless info marketing is the perfect business for some people. I personally enjoy it very much and I find it immensely rewarding, both personally and financially. But in any case I think it’s time someone sat down and told you the truth about the info business – not only who should and should not be in it, but what things you need to have in place for it to succeed.

KenÂ’s module discloses a list of contrarian angles on the info biz and how heÂ’s sustained his own information empire for 20 years.

What are your real assets in an information business?
Where and why have people failed?
Who are the most successful info marketers that you can study?

All KenÂ’s answers will likely surprise you.

UK Marketing Module

Chris Cardell is arguably the UK’s number one marketing consultant, widely recognized in Great Britain and universally respected. The UK is a huge market (60 million people) with strong currency (£1 = $1.65 and €1.14 at the moment) and UK customers buy a ton of stuff.

But theyÂ’re hard to sell to, especially if youÂ’re outside the UK.

Or if you’re in the UK, and you’re listening to US Marketers, you probably find the hype factor to be almost nauseating. Yes, the “American Dream” appeals to everyone and admittedly there’s not really a “British Dream.” But unless you can translate to the UK mindset, you can flop around like a fish out of water until you asphyxiate.

Chris Cardell, in this UK Marketing Module, translates between the two cultures. He owns a home in San Diego and no one I know can better bridge the divide than Chris. Right here, right now.

Copywriting Module

Many an amateur marketer assumes that with video, social media, blogging and Web 2.0 have made copywriting less important.


35 page sales letters are undoubtedly less effective now than they were 5 years ago. But thatÂ’s not what copywriting is really about anyway.

Copywriting is MORE important than ever before because regardless of how your message is delivered, there still has to be a message.

99.5% of all ads youÂ’ve ever seen mean nothing without words.

The right words are still crucial.

Your message still has to have a hook.

Someone still needs to do detective work to get to the core of the story and your productÂ’s reason for being.

And I gotta tell you, when I was hot in pursuit of “guru status” and a place in the information marketing world, copywriting was the steepest learning curve of anything I was attempting to master.

I do not regret a single minute IÂ’ve invested in becoming a better writer. Copywriting is a MOST worthwhile skill.

You must make every word count, because attention spans are shorter than ever.(Notice how I got right to the point in this sales letter? No wind-up, no beating around the bush. Just a pressing, urgent message.)

Michel Fortin is one of the highest paid, most celebrated online copywriters. He has multiple “million dollars in 24 hours” promotions under his belt and he understands the medium as well as anyone.

In the Copywriting module, Michel gives you his best shortcuts and describes how he visualizes the entire copywriting task. And he discusses how copywriting really works in Web 2.0.

On top of that, IÂ’ve sat down with Joshua Boswell, my Content Czar and the guy IÂ’ve personally, hand-picked to review, tweak, and yes, ghostwrite a good deal of my copy. Joshua has written multi-million dollar blockbusters and been the secret weapon for companies like Corel, Sony, Christian ChildrenÂ’s Fund, Agora, Bob Bly, and Toshiba.

Joshua and I cover how to take ho-hum, average sales letters, ads, and emails and make them sizzle. Like with most things, thereÂ’s an endless stream of things you could learn about copywriting, but Joshua will help you get down to the brass-tacks, the top 5% of what really makes your copy sell.

Content Module

GoogleÂ’s Content Network used to suck.

It does not suck anymore.

For some advertisers it delivers tens of thousands of clicks per day and the traffic quality can be very high. There are some customers you can get on Content that you couldnÂ’t possibly get on search.

And with GoogleÂ’s new interface, people are making much more use of the tools Google provides than ever before, so just tracking conversions to referral websites ainÂ’t enough anymore.

Well the good news is, there are MANY dimensions to the Content Network, many ways to slice it, many ways to engineer systems that your competitors cannot peer into.

Since the content network is more like an organism than a mechanism you can extend your tentacles deep into the Internet.

One of my own Content Network campaigns has been testing response on over 11,000 websites for the last 3 months, automatically.

Shelley Ellis is one of the worldÂ’s leading authorities on the Content Network because sheÂ’s immersed in it every day. In this Module youÂ’ll find out how to use demographic targeting features and slice the entire Internet according to content types: Different kinds of traffic you get on news sites vs. video sites vs. blogs vs. forums and local portals.

Plus, discover how to use the Content Network for product launches (yes, thatÂ’s right!).


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