Revealing the Secret! The Law of Attraction in Action - Episode Five

Revealing the Secret! The Law of Attraction in Action - Episode Five
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“Nothing holds you in bondage other than your own contradictory thought to what you want. Nothing.”
Spreading happiness: His name is “Happy,” and he wants to write a book based on Abraham’s teachings.

Becoming a “blended being”: How can he talk to God without having to rave dance all night to do it?

HowÂ’s the water? Abraham is asked about water purity in todayÂ’s modern world.

On medicine and healing: What “true medicine” is all about.

Was the secret edited from The Secret? The “joyously humorous” story of how Non-Physical references continue to be edited out—even in modern times.

Legalizing hemp: “This is something I’ve dedicated my entire life to. . . .” our questioner begins.

Why do I keep doing what I’m doing? Abraham offers a “vibrational adjustment.”

Toast? Toasters? Has Non-Physical Abraham ever been physical? Clearing up a few misconceptions.

Esther and The Secret: Starting from “forsaken,” Esther works her way back up the Emotional Scale.

Clean and sober: Abraham’s treatise on the Alcoholics Anonymous “Twelve Step Program.”

Soul mates: De?ning the concept.

Autism: “It’s about being different enough that you cannot be controlled. It’s about freedom.”

Finding your career path: He has no burning desire toward anything in particular.

Where’s my relationship? Tired of the struggle, he feels his “vibrational escrow” is overdue.

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