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  1. 2011-11-15The Physicist's Conception of Nature
  2. 2011-11-15A New Foundation of Physical Theories (Repost)
  3. by Thomas Thiemann / 2011-11-15Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics)
  4. by Etienne Guyon, Innocent Mutabazi, Jose Eduardo Wesfreid / 2011-11-15Dynamics of Spatio-Temporal Cellular Structures: Henri Benard Centenary Review (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics)
  5. by Albert Einstein, David C. Cassidy, Robert Geroch, Roger Penrose / 2011-11-15Relativity: The Special and the General Theory, The Masterpiece Science Edition,
  6. by A.F. Kracklauer, Ch, Kathy Creath, ra Roychoudhuri / 2011-11-15The Nature of Light: What is a Photon? (Optical Science and Engineering)
  7. by Alessia Marelli, Luca Crippa, Rino Micheloni / 2011-11-15Inside NAND Flash Memories
  8. by Paul Fleisher / 2011-11-16Objects in Motion: Principles of Classical Mechanics (Secrets of the Universe)
  9. by R. Miron / 2011-11-16The Geometry of Higher-Order Hamilton Spaces: Applications to Hamiltonian Mechanics
  10. by Herbert S. Green / 2011-11-16Information Theory and Quantum Physics: Physical Foundations for Understanding the Conscious Process (Theoretical and Mathematical Physics)
  11. by Mathias Getzlaff / 2011-11-16Surface Magnetism: Correlation of Structural, Electronic and Chemical Properties with Magnetic Behavior (Springer Tracts in Modern Physics)
  12. by John Malone / 2011-11-16Unsolved Mysteries of Science: A Mind-Expanding Journey through a Universe of Big Bangs, Particle Waves, and Other Perplexing Concepts
  13. by Anatoly Dubinsky, Gabi Ben-Dor, Tov Elperin / 2011-11-16Applied High-Speed Plate Penetration Dynamics (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications)
  14. by Harry L. Van Trees / 2011-11-16Optimum Array Processing E-Bk
  15. by John Pierrus, Owen de Lange / 2011-11-16Solved Problems in Classical Mechanics: Analytical and Numerical Solutions with Comments
  16. by Peter Mittelstaedt / 2011-11-16The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics and the Measurement Process
  17. by Marius Grundmann / 2011-11-16The Physics of Semiconductors: An Introduction Including Nanophysics and Applications (Graduate Texts in Physics)
  18. by Chi-Sing Man, Roger L. Fosdick / 2011-11-17The Rational Spirit in Modern Continuum Mechanics: Essays and Papers Dedicated to the Memory of Clifford Ambrose Truesdell III
  19. by Michael Ainslie / 2011-11-17Principles of Sonar Performance Modelling (Springer Praxis Books / Geophysical Sciences)
  20. by Weilie Zhou, Zhong-lin Wang / 2011-11-17Three-Dimensional Nanoarchitectures: Designing Next-Generation Devices
  21. by R.F. Egerton / 2011-11-17Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy in the Electron Microscope
  22. by Dennis F. V, erwerf / 2011-11-17Applied Prismatic and Reflective Optics (SPIE Press Monograph Series Vol. PM200)
  23. by A. Shimony, Abhay Ashtekar, Don Howard, J. Renn, R.S. Cohen, S. Sarkar / 2011-11-17Revisiting the Foundations of Relativistic Physics: Festschrift in Honor of John Stachel (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science)
  24. by Marco Ariola, Alfredo Pironti / 2011-11-17Marco Ariola, "Magnetic Control of Tokamak Plasmas"
  25. by W. Kurz, D. J. Fisher, D. J. Fisher, W. Kurz / 2011-11-17Fundamentals of Solidification
  26. by James P. Wolfe / 2011-11-17Imaging Phonons: Acoustic Wave Propagation in Solids
  27. by Andrea Wolf, Frank Arnold, Siemen Rühaak, Stephen W. Hawking / 2011-11-17Das Universum in der Nusschale. 2 CDs(Audiobooks)
  28. by Erhard Scheibe / 2011-11-17Between Rationalism and Empiricism: Selected Papers in the Philosophy of Physics
  29. by Jian Ru Gong / 2011-11-17Graphene Simulation
  30. by John J. Quinn, Kyung-Soo Yi / 2011-11-17Solid State Physics: Principles and Modern Applications
  31. by Edited by Majid Ebrahim-Zadeh, Irina T. Sorokina / 2011-11-17Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources and Applications
  32. by Qing Jiang, Zi Wen / 2011-11-17Thermodynamics of Materials
  33. by Kornelius Nielsch, Oliver Hayden / 2011-11-17Molecular- and Nano-Tubes
  34. by Jean-Pierre Berenger / 2011-11-17Perfect Matched Layer (PML) for Computational Electromagnetics (Synthesis Lectures on Computational Electromagnetics) free ebook download
  35. by Vladimir N. Pokrovskii / 2011-11-18The Mesoscopic Theory of Polymer Dynamics (2nd edition)
  36. by Jennifer Boothroyd / 2011-11-18What Holds Us to Earth?: A Look at Gravity
  37. by Daniela Doring / 2011-11-18Eine kurze Einfuhrung in die Systemtheorie: Lehr- und Ubungsbuch
  38. by L I Ivanov, Yu M Platov / 2011-11-18Radiation Physics of Metals and Its Applications free ebook download
  39. by Paul K C Wood / 2011-11-18Strain Rate Testing of Metallic Materials and their Modelling for use in CAE Based Automotive Crash Simulation Tools (Recommendations & Procedures) free ebook download
  40. by Reinhold Kienzler, George Herrmann / 2011-11-18Mechanics in Material Space: with Applications in Defect and Fracture Mechanics
  41. by Rong-Jun Xie, Yuan Qiang Li, Naoto Hirosaki, Hajime Yamamoto / 2011-11-18Nitride Phosphors and Solid-State Lighting (Series in Optics and Optoelectronics)
  42. by Mohsen Razavy / 2011-11-18Heisenberg's Quantum Mechanics
  43. by Ali Serpenguzel / 2011-11-18Optical Processes in Microparticles and Nanostructures: A Festschrift Dedicated to Richard Kounai Chang
  44. by Steven Carlip / 2011-11-18Quantum Gravity in 2 1 Dimensions
  45. by H. A. Lorentz, Physics / 2011-11-18The Theory of Electrons: and Its Applications to the Phenomena of Light and Radiant Heat
  46. by Edited by Beno t Doucot, Vincent Pasquier, Vincent Rivasseau / 2011-11-18The Quantum Hall Effect: Poincare Seminar 2004 (Progress in Mathematical Physics) free ebook download
  47. by Andreas W Rost / 2011-11-18Magnetothermal Properties near Quantum Criticality in the Itinerant Metamagnet Sr3Ru2O7
  48. by Edited by G. Djordjevic, L. Nesic, J. Wess / 2011-11-18Mathematical, Theoretical And Phenomenological Challenges Beyond The Standard Model
  49. by Remi Hakim / 2011-11-18Introduction to Relativistic Statistical Mechanics: Classical and Quantum free ebook download
  50. by James B. Seaborn / 2011-11-18Understanding the Universe: An Introduction to Physics and Astrophysics
  51. by J. A. Brandao Faria / 2011-11-18Electromagnetic Foundations of Electrical Engineering by J. A. Brandao Faria
  52. by David Jou, Jose Casas-Vazquez, Georgy Lebon / 2011-11-18Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics
  53. by Michio Kaku / 2011-11-18Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100
  54. by Edited by Ren Wang / 2011-11-18IUTAM Symposium on Rheology of Bodies with Defects
  55. by Claus Klingshirn / 2011-11-18Claus Klingshirn, "Semiconductor Optics"
  56. by Mary L. Boas / 2011-11-18Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences free ebook download
  57. by Emanuele Lopelli, Johan van der Tang, Arthur H.M. van Roermund / 2011-11-18Architectures and Synthesizers for Ultra-low Power Fast Frequency-Hopping WSN Radios
  58. by Brian G. Wybourne / 2011-11-18Classical Groups for Physicists
  59. by L. E. Reichl / 2011-11-18The Transition to Chaos: In Conservative Classical Systems: Quantum Manifestations
  60. by Klaus Bohmer / 2011-11-18Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Differential Equations: A Synopsis
  61. by Morton E. Gurtin, Eliot Fried, Lallit Anand / 2011-11-18The Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Continua free ebook download
  62. by David S. Betts / 2011-11-18An Introduction to Millikelvin Technology
  63. by J. R. Dorfman / 2011-11-18An Introduction to Chaos in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics (Cambridge Lecture Notes in Physics) free ebook download
  64. by Edited by Josep M. Paredes, Olaf Reimer, Diego F. Torres / 2011-11-18The Multi-Messenger Approach to High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources
  65. by Aless, ra Celletti / 2011-11-18Stability and Chaos in Celestial Mechanics (Springer Praxis Books / Astronomy and Planetary Sciences)
  66. by F.K. Khakimov, S.I. Popel, Sergey V. Vladimirov, V.N. Tsytovich / 2011-11-18Modulational Interactions in Plasmas
  67. by Jean-Pierre Petit / 2011-11-18The Black Hole (The Adventures of Archibald Higgins)
  68. by I. S. Hughes / 2011-11-18Elementary Particles,3 edition
  69. by Antonio Ferriz-Mas, Manuel Nunez / 2011-11-18Advances in Nonlinear Dynamos (The Fluid Mechanics of Astrophysics and Geophysics)
  70. by Edited by Jeffery Lewins, Martin Becker / 2011-11-18Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology: Volume 25
  71. by Minoru Fujimoto / 2011-11-18Thermodynamics of Crystalline States
  72. by Konstantin Efetov / 2011-11-18Supersymmetry in Disorder and Chaos
  73. by Michal Fekan / 2011-11-18Bifurcation and Chaos in Discontinuous and Continuous Systems (Nonlinear Physical Science)
  74. by Roger Boudet / 2011-11-18Quantum Mechanics in the Geometry of Space-Time: Elementary Theory (SpringerBriefs in Physics)
  75. by Mikhail A. Shifman / 2011-11-18Itep Lectures on Particle Physics and Field Theory (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics)Two Vol Set
  76. by Julius Jellinek / 2011-11-18Theory of Atomic and Molecular Clusters: With a Glimpse at Experiments (Springer Series in Cluster Physics)
  77. by Jan Weil / 2011-11-19Collective Modes in Inhomogeneous Plasmas: Kinetic and Advanced Fluid Theory (Series in Plasma Physics)
  78. by Ronald K. Wangsness / 2011-11-19Campos Electromagneticos / Electromagnetic Fields (Spanish Edition)
  79. by Amnon Yariv, Pochi Yeh / 2011-11-19Optical Waves in Crystals: Propagation and Control of Laser Radiation (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics)
  80. by Gerald D. Mahan, K.R. Subbaswamy / 2011-11-19Local Density Theory of Polarizability (Physics of Solids and Liquids)
  81. by Leo P. Kadanoff / 2011-11-19From Order to Chaos 2 (World Scientific Series on Nonlinear Science, Series a, Monographs and Treatises) free ebook download
  82. by John Ruhl, Nathan Newbury, Suzanne Staggs / 2011-11-19Princeton Problems in Physics with Solutions (Universities Press)
  83. by Gunther Ludwig / 2011-11-19Foundations of Quantum Mechanics II
  84. by Weston M. Stacey / 2011-11-19The Quest for a Fusion Energy Reactor: An Insider's Account of the INTOR Workshop
  85. by Guy K. White / 2011-11-19Experimental Techniques in Low-Temperature Physics (Monographs on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials)
  86. by David Ruelle / 2011-11-20Thermodynamic Formalism: The Mathematical Structure of Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics (Cambridge Mathematical Library) free ebook download
  87. by David H. Kelley, Eugene F. Milone / 2011-11-20Exploring Ancient Skies: An Encyclopedic Survey of Archaeoastronomy
  88. by James Lequeux / 2011-11-20The Interstellar Medium (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library) free ebook download
  89. by Volker Schünemann / 2011-11-20Biophysik: Eine Einfuhrung (Springer-Lehrbuch) (German Edition)
  90. by Wu-Ki Tung, W. K. Tung / 2011-11-20Group Theory in Physics free ebook download
  91. by D.F. Walls, Gerard J. Milburn / 2011-11-20Quantum Optics (repost)
  92. by Martin Beech / 2011-11-21The Physics of Invisibility: A Story of Light and Deception
  93. by George A. Greene, James P. Hartnett, Thomas F. Irvine, Young I. Cho / 2011-11-21Cumulative Index, Volumes 1-31, Volume 32: Cumulative Subject and Author Indexes and Tables of Contents for Volumes 1-31 (Advances in Heat Transfer)
  94. by Douglas L. Hemmick, Asif M. Shakur / 2011-11-21Bell's Theorem and Quantum Realism: Reassessment in Light of the Schrodinger Paradox
  95. by Eduardo Azevedo, Ivan Oliveira, Jair C. C. Freitas, Roberto Sarthour Jr., Tito Bonagamba / 2011-11-21NMR Quantum Information Processing
  96. by Robert Gilmore / 2011-11-21Lie Groups, Physics, and Geometry: An Introduction for Physicists, Engineers and Chemists
  97. by David McMahon, Paul M. Alsing / 2011-11-21Relativity Demystified
  98. by Gary Zukav / 2011-11-21The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics
  99. by C. N. Yang / 2011-11-21Braid Group, Knot Theory and Statistical Mechanics II (Advanced Series in Mathematical Physics) (v. 2)
  100. by Yunus A Cengel / 2011-11-21Introduction To Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, 2 Edition


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