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  1. by Anthony Spirito, Anne E. Kazak / 2011-11-21Effective and Emerging Treatments in Pediatric Psychology
  2. by Katrina Raphaell / 2011-11-21Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones (Crystal Trilogy, Vol. 1)
  3. by Edited by Marcia A. Barnes / 2011-11-21Genes, Brain and Development: The Neurocognition of Genetic Disorders
  4. by Edited by Frederick T.L. Leong, Mark M. Leach / 2011-11-21Suicide Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups: Theory, Research, and Practice
  5. by Edited by Peter Carruthers, Stephen Laurence, Stephen Stich / 2011-11-21The Innate Mind: Structure and Contents
  6. by Edited by Todd Wilk Estroff / 2011-11-21Manual of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment
  7. by Edited by James R. Brockmole / 2011-11-21The Visual World in Memory
  8. by Donald Davidson / 2011-11-21Inquiries Into Truth and Interpretation
  9. by Kerry L Malawista, Anne J Adelman, Catherine L Anderson / 2011-11-22Wearing My Tutu to Analysis and Other Stories: Learning Psychodynamic Concepts from Life
  10. by Francisco J. Varela, Evan T. Thompson, Eleanor Rosch / 2011-11-22The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience
  11. by Laura Carpenter / 2011-11-22Virginity Lost: An Intimate Portrait of First Sexual Experiences free ebook download
  12. by Len Sperry / 2011-11-23Executive Coaching: The Essential Guide for Mental Health Professionals
  13. by Judith Horstman, Scientific American / 2011-11-23The Scientific American Brave New Brain
  14. by Bob Erens, Laura Mitchell, Jim Orford, Kerry Sproston, Clarissa White / 2011-11-23Gambling and Problem Gambling in Britain
  15. by Edited by Mike Slade, Stefan Priebe / 2011-11-23Choosing Methods in Mental Health Research
  16. by Edited by A. Morrison, Warren Larkin / 2011-11-23Trauma and Psychosis: New Directions for Theory and Therapy
  17. by Edited by Michael Heap, Richard J. Brown, David A. Oakley / 2011-11-23The Highly Hypnotizable Person: Theoretical, Experimental and Clinical Issues
  18. by Philip Miller, Molly Devon / 2011-11-24Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism
  19. by Richard Warner / 2011-11-25Recovery from Schizophrenia
  20. by Guy Finley / 2011-11-25[request]The Secret of Letting Go [ebook]
  21. by Lucy Johnstone / 2011-11-25Users and Abusers of Psychiatry
  22. by Guy Finley / 2011-11-25[request]Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time
  23. by Edited by John P. Wilson, Catherine C. So-Kum Tang / 2011-11-25Cross-Cultural Assessment of Psychological Trauma and PTSD
  24. by Rosa Aspalter, Eckhard Schitter / 2011-11-25KiloCoachTM: Abnehmen ist lernbar
  25. by Edited by Morton A. Heller, Soledad Ballesteros / 2011-11-26Touch and Blindness: Psychology and Neuroscience
  26. by Edited by Frank Schneider / 2011-11-26Entwicklungen der Psychiatrie
  27. 2011-11-26Peter Droubay- Mega Sales: The Professional Sales Training Series
  28. by Robert Kastenbaum / 2011-11-27On Our Way: The Final Passage through Life and Death (Life Passages)
  29. by Edited by David K. Chan / 2011-12-01Moral Psychology Today: Essays on Values, Rational Choice, and the Will
  30. by Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor / 2011-12-01Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor - "Sex Slang"
  31. by Edited by David H. Cropley, Arthur J. Cropley, James C. Kaufman, Mark A. Runco / 2011-12-02The Dark Side of Creativity
  32. by John Macnamara / 2011-12-02Through the Rearview Mirror: Historical Reflections on Psychology
  33. by Edited by Paul Bloom / 2011-12-02Language Acquisition: Core Readings
  34. by Edited by Robert J. Sternberg / 2011-12-02The Nature of Cognition
  35. by Jeffrey A. Kottler / 2011-12-02The Therapist's Workbook: Self-Assessment, Self-Care, and Self-Improvement Exercises for Mental Health Professionals
  36. by Cretien van van Campen / 2011-12-03The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science
  37. by Brian Butterworth / 2011-12-04The Mathematical Brain
  38. by Robert V. Heckel, David M. Shumaker / 2011-12-04Kids of Character: A Guide to Promoting Moral Development
  39. by Fran Hedges / 2011-12-04Introduction to Systemic Therapy with Individuals: A Social Constructionist Approach
  40. by Charles T. Munger / 2011-12-05[request]Poor Charlie\'s Almanack
  41. by Adam Morton / 2011-12-08The Importance of Being Understood: Folk Psychology as Ethics
  42. by Max Fink / 2011-12-08Electroshock: Restoring the Mind
  43. by Ian Stuart-Hamilton / 2011-12-08The Psychology of Ageing: An Introduction
  44. by Jane Ogden / 2011-12-08Health Psychology: A Textbook
  45. by Keith Nichols / 2011-12-08Psychological Care for the Ill and Injured
  46. by Dawn Freshwater / 2011-12-08Counselling Skills For Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors
  47. by Maurice I. Middleberg / 2011-12-08Promoting Reproductive Security in Developing Countries
  48. by Herbert J. Schlesinger / 2011-12-09Promises, Oaths, and Vows: On the Psychology of Promising
  49. by Andreas Kruse, Hans-Werner Wahl / 2011-12-09Zukunft Altern: Individuelle und gesellschaftliche Weichenstellungen
  50. by Kenneth Sharoff / 2011-12-09Coping Skills Manual for Treating Chronic and Terminal Illness
  51. by Denise Winn / 2011-12-09The Manipulated Mind: Brainwashing, Conditioning and Indoctrination
  52. by Stephan Bodian / 2011-12-09Stephan Bodian, "Meditation For Dummies by Stephan Bodian"
  53. by Cynthia A. Peveto PhD / 2011-12-09Cultural Changes in Attitudes Toward Death, Dying, and Bereavement
  54. by Boaz Kahana, Zev Harel, Eva Kahana / 2011-12-09Holocaust Survivors and Immigrants: Late Life Adaptations
  55. by Charlotte MacKenzie / 2011-12-09Psychiatry for the Rich: A History of Ticehurst Private Asylum
  56. by David Perlmutter, Carol Colman / 2011-12-09The Better Brain Book
  57. by Don Jacobs / 2011-12-10Analyzing Criminal Minds
  58. by Chris Williams, Dr. Sharon Smith, Professor M. Sharpe, Catriona Kent / 2011-12-11Overcoming Unexplained Neurological Symptoms: A Five Areas Approach
  59. by Gene M. Heyman / 2011-12-11Addiction: A Disorder of Choice
  60. by Edited by Ladislav Volicer, Ann Hurley / 2011-12-11Hospice Care for Patients with Advanced Progressive Dementia
  61. by Julian C. H. Lee / 2011-12-11Policing Sexuality: Sex, Society and the State
  62. by Christopher Kearney / 2011-12-11Christopher A. Kearney, "Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Youth: Characteristics, Assessment..."
  63. by Edited by Richard Rogers PhD ABPP / 2011-12-11Clinical Assessment of Malingering and Deception, Third Edition
  64. by Edited by Isabel Clarke, Hannah Wilson / 2011-12-11Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Acute Inpatient Mental Health Units
  65. by Edited by Reinhild Mulligan, Martial Van der Linden, Anne-Claude Juillerat / 2011-12-11The Clinical Management of Early Alzheimer's Disease: A Handbook
  66. by Edited by M.K. Mandal, M. B. Bulman-Fleming, G. Tiwari / 2011-12-11Side Bias: A Neuropsychological Perspective
  67. by Barbara Schneider, Meike Wehmeyer, Holger Grotzbach / 2011-12-12Aphasie: Wege aus dem Sprachdschungel, 5 Auflage
  68. by Edited by Petra Warschburger / 2011-12-12Beratungspsychologie
  69. by Edited by Russell F. Lim / 2011-12-12Clinical Manual of Cultural Psychiatry
  70. by Linda G. Mills PhD LCSW JD / 2011-12-12The Heart of Intimate Abuse: New Interventions in Child Welfare, Criminal Justice, and Health Settings
  71. by David Balk PhD / 2011-12-12Children's Encounters with Death, Bereavement, and Coping
  72. by Edited by Hubert J.M. Hermans, Giancarlo Dimaggio / 2011-12-12The Dialogical Self in Psychotherapy
  73. by Edited by Christopher G. Fairburn, Kelly D. Brownell / 2011-12-12Eating Disorders and Obesity, Second Edition
  74. by Edited by Yves Rossetti, Antti Revonsuo / 2011-12-12Beyond Dissociation
  75. by Edited by Robin M. Murray, Kenneth S. Kendler, Peter McGuffin, Simon Wessely, David J. Castle / 2011-12-13Essential Psychiatry (4th edition)
  76. by Edited by Roy Baumeister, Alfred Mele, Kathleen Vohs / 2011-12-14Free Will and Consciousness: How Might They Work?
  77. by Edited by Francesco Bisagni, Nadia Fina, Caterina Vezzoli / 2011-12-15Jung Today: Adulthood
  78. by Christy M. Buchanan, Eleanor E. Maccoby, Sanford M. Dornbusch / 2011-12-15Christy M. Buchanan, "Adolescents after Divorce"
  79. by Edited by Philip W. Davidson, Gary J. Myers, Bernard Weiss / 2011-12-15Neurotoxicity and Developmental Disabilities
  80. by Elianne Riska / 2011-12-15Medical Careers and Feminist Agendas: American, Scandinavian, and Russian Women Physicians
  81. by Edited by Neil D. Weinstein / 2011-12-15Taking Care: Understanding and Encouraging Self-Protective Behavior
  82. by Samuel S. Franklin / 2011-12-15The Psychology of Happiness: A Good Human Life
  83. by World Health Organization / 2011-12-15Atlas Nurses In Mental Health 2007
  84. by Edited by Bruce W S Robinson, A Philippe Chahinian / 2011-12-15Mesothelioma
  85. by Vikas Malkani / 2011-12-16The Little Manual of Meditation: 15 Effective Ways to Discover Your Inner Self
  86. by C. J. Brainerd, V. F. Reyna / 2011-12-16The Science of False Memory
  87. by James Hollis / 2011-12-17The Archetypal Imagination (Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology) free ebook download
  88. by Edited by George C. Denniston, Frederick Mansfield Hodges, Marilyn Fayre Milos / 2011-12-17Male and Female Circumcision: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Practice
  89. by Robert Rosenthal, Ralph L. Rosnow, With a Foreword by Alan E. Kazdin / 2011-12-17Artifacts in Behavioral Research: Robert Rosenthal and Ralph L. Rosnow's Classic Books
  90. by Edited by B. Bradford Brown, Reed W. Larson, T. S. Saraswathi / 2011-12-17The World's Youth: Adolescence in Eight Regions of the Globe
  91. by Edited by Douglas Woods, Raymond Miltenberger / 2011-12-18Tic Disorders, Trichotillomania, and Other Repetitive Behavior Disorders: Behavioral Approaches to Analysis and Treatment free ebook download
  92. by John Santrock / 2011-12-18Life-Span Development, 13th Edition
  93. by Peter James Dyck MD, P. James B. Dyck, Christopher J. Klein, Phillip Low, Kimberly Amrami, JaNean Engelstad, Robert J. Spinner / 2011-12-18Companion to Peripheral Neuropathy: Illustrated Cases and New Developments
  94. by John Shaughnessy, Eugene Zechmeister, Jeanne Zechmeister / 2011-12-19Research Methods In Psychology, 9th Edition
  95. by Andrea Goldstein, Robert Feldman / 2011-12-19Creative Concepts in Psychology: Case Studies and Activities
  96. by J. Allen Boone / 2011-12-19Kinship with All Life
  97. by Edited by Jude Cassidy PhD, Phillip R. Shaver PhD / 2011-12-19Handbook of Attachment, Second Edition: Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications
  98. by Adam Morton / 2011-12-19Disasters and Dilemmas: Strategies for Real-Life Decision Making
  99. by Alois Kogler / 2011-12-20Die Kunst der Hochstleistung: Sportpsychologie, Coaching, Selbstmanagement
  100. by Gary Bruno Schmid / 2011-12-20Tod durch Vorstellungskraft: Das Geheimnis psychogener Todesfalle (Auglage: 2)


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