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  1. by Edited by Jurgen Margraf, Silvia Schneider / 2011-08-09Lehrbuch der Verhaltenstherapie: Band 2: Storungen im Erwachsenenalter (Auflage: 3)
  2. by Cass R. Sunstein / 2011-08-09Going to Extremes: How Like Minds Unite and Divide
  3. by Jurgen Margraf / 2011-08-09Kosten und Nutzen der Psychotherapie: Eine kritische Literaturauswertung
  4. by Vera John-Steiner / 2011-08-09Notebooks of the Mind: Explorations of Thinking (revised edition)
  5. by Marshall L. Silverstein / 2011-08-09Disorders of the Self: A Personality-Guided Approach
  6. by Edited by Katherine Killick, Joy Schaverien / 2011-08-09Art, Psychotherapy and Psychosis
  7. by David Caplan / 2011-08-09Language: Structure, Processing, and Disorders
  8. by Edited by Robert A. Wilson, Frank Keil / 2011-08-09The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences
  9. by Gordon M. Burghardt / 2011-08-10The Genesis of Animal Play: Testing the Limits
  10. by Desmond Morris / 2011-08-10The Nature of Happiness
  11. by Edited by Ron Kraus, George Stricker, Cedric Speyer / 2011-08-10Online Counseling, 2nd ed., Second Edition: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals
  12. by Dawn P. Flanagan, Vincent C. Alfonso / 2011-08-10Essentials of Specific Learning Disability Identification (Essentials of Psychological Assessment)
  13. by Edited by Harry A. Whitaker, Brigitte Stemmer / 2011-08-10Handbook of Neurolinguistics
  14. by Stanley Krippner, Fariba Bogzaran, Andre Percia de Carvalho / 2011-08-10Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them
  15. by Edited by Francisco Lacerda, Claes von Hofsten, Mikael Heimann / 2011-08-10Emerging Cognitive Abilities in Early infancy
  16. by Edited by William P. Banks / 2011-08-11Encyclopedia of Consciousness
  17. by Edited by Anette Fink, Claudia Tritschler / 2011-08-11Prufungsfragen Psychotherapie: Fragensammlung mit kommentierten Antworten (Auflage: 4)
  18. by Edited by Beate Wimmer-Puchinger, Anita Riecher-Rossler / 2011-08-11Postpartale Depression: Von der Forschung zur Praxis
  19. by Edited by Susan A. Brady, David Braze, Carol A. Fowler / 2011-08-11Explaining Individual Differences in Reading: Theory and Evidence
  20. by Edited by Thomas D. Marcotte PhD, Igor Grant MD / 2011-08-11Neuropsychology of Everyday Functioning
  21. by Edited by Terry Connolly, Hal R. Arkes, Kenneth R. Hammond / 2011-08-11Judgment and Decision Making: An Interdisciplinary Reader
  22. by Edited by H. T. A. Whiting / 2011-08-11Human Motor Actions: Bernstein Reassessed
  23. by Edited by Dean Cvetkovic, Irena Cosic / 2011-08-12States of Consciousness: Experimental Insights into Meditation, Waking, Sleep and Dreams
  24. by Professor Vanja Orlans, Ms Susan Van Scoyoc / 2011-08-12A Short Introduction to Counselling Psychology
  25. by Judith S. Beck Phd / 2011-08-12Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond
  26. by Robert M. Sapolsky / 2011-08-12The Trouble With Testosterone: And Other Essays On The Biology Of The Human Predicament
  27. by Barry E., Ph.D. Wolfe / 2011-08-12Understanding And Treating Anxiety Disorders: An Integrative Approach To Healing The Wounded Self
  28. by Richard G. Moore, Anne Garland / 2011-08-12Cognitive Therapy for Chronic and Persistent Depression
  29. by Brad A. Alford PhD, Aaron T. Beck MD / 2011-08-12The Integrative Power of Cognitive Therapy
  30. by Edited by Alice F. Healy, Robert W. Proctor, Irving B. Weiner / 2011-08-12Handbook of Psychology. Experimental Psychology (Volume 4)
  31. by Edited by Stephen F. Davis / 2011-08-12Handbook of Research Methods in Experimental Psychology
  32. by Norman L. Allinger / 2011-08-12Topics in Stereochemistry
  33. by Edited by Giuseppe Vallar, Tim Shallice / 2011-08-12Neuropsychological Impairments of Short-Term Memory
  34. by Deborah Serani / 2011-08-12Living with Depression: Why Biology and Biography Matter along the Path to Hope and Healing
  35. by Roger E. Kirk / 2011-08-13Statistics: An Introduction, 5 edition
  36. by Edited by Daniel P. Keating / 2011-08-13Nature and Nurture in Early Child Development
  37. by Marc-Andreas Edel, Wolfgang Vollmoller / 2011-08-13Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-/Hyperaktivitatsstorung bei Erwachsenen
  38. by Tilo Kircher, Siegfried Gauggel / 2011-08-13Neuropsychologie der Schizophrenie: Symptome, Kognition, Gehirn
  39. by Hans Morschitzky / 2011-08-13Psychotherapie Ratgeber: Ein Wegweiser zur seelischen Gesundheit
  40. by Edited by Morten H. Christiansen, Simon Kirby / 2011-08-14Language Evolution
  41. by Edited by Tommy Garling, Gary W. Evans / 2011-08-14Environment, Cognition, and Action: An Integrated Approach
  42. by Ronald Comer, Elizabeth Gould / 2011-08-14Psychology Around Us
  43. by Edited by Wolfgang Gaebel, Hermann Spiebl, Thomas Becker / 2011-08-14Routinedaten in der Psychiatrie: Sektorenubergreifende Versorgungsforschung und Qualitatssicherung
  44. by Erdmute Pioch / 2011-08-14Schmerzdokumentation in der Praxis: Klassifikation, Stadieneinteilung, Schmerzfragebogen
  45. by Joy Renjilian-Burgy, Ana Beatriz Chiquito, Susan M. Mraz / 2011-08-14Caminos, 3rd Edition
  46. by Muriel Gardiner - Editor / 2011-08-14The Wolf Man and Sigmund Freud
  47. 2011-08-15O ponto da Virada - Malcolm Gladwell - PDF - Download
  48. 2011-08-15O ponto da Virada - Malcolm Gladwell - PDF - Download
  49. by Michael St.Pierre, Gesine Hofinger, Cornelius Buerschaper / 2011-08-15Notfallmanagement: Patientensicherheit und Human Factors in der Akutmedizin
  50. by Edited by Shane J. Lopez / 2011-08-15Positive Psychology: Exploring the Best in People (4 Volumes Set)
  51. by Ellice A. Forman, Norris Minick, C. Addison Stone / 2011-08-15Contexts for Learning: Sociocultural Dynamics in Children's Development
  52. by Renate Hutterer-Krisch / 2011-08-15Grundriss der Psychotherapieethik: Praxisrelevanz, Behandlungsfehler und Wirksamkeit
  53. by Edited by Jurgen Margraf, Silvia Schneider / 2011-08-15Lehrbuch der Verhaltenstherapie: Band 1: Grundlagen, Diagnostik, Verfahren, Rahmenbedingungen (Auflage: 3)
  54. by Edited by Gilbert Herdt, Cymene Howe / 2011-08-1521st Century Sexualities: Contemporary Issues in Health, Education, and Rights
  55. by Steven Reiss PhD / 2011-08-15The Normal Personality: A New Way of Thinking About People
  56. by C. James Goodwin / 2011-08-15Research In Psychology: Methods and Design (6th Edition)
  57. by Carlo Cristini, Marcello Cesa-Bianchi, Giovanni Cesa-Bianchi, Alessandro Porro / 2011-08-15L'ultima creativita: Luci nella vecchiaia
  58. by Edited by E. von Glasersfeld / 2011-08-15Radical Constructivism in Mathematics Education
  59. 2011-08-16Standard Deviants School Psychology (3 Pack)
  60. by Edited by David Dunning / 2011-08-16Social Motivation (Frontiers of Social Psychology)
  61. by Jess Feist, Gregory Feist / 2011-08-16Theories of Personality, 7 edition
  62. by Edited by Brigitte Lueger-Schuster, Marion Krusmann, Katharina Purtscher / 2011-08-17Psychosoziale Hilfe bei Katastrophen und komplexen Schadenslagen: Lessons Learned
  63. by Edited by Ivan Nykl ek, Ad Vingerhoets, Marcel Zeelenberg / 2011-08-17Emotion Regulation and Well-Being
  64. by Robin M. Kowalski, Drew Westen / 2011-08-17Psychology, 6 edition
  65. by Friedrich Nietzsche / 2011-08-17Nietzsche: Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future
  66. by Frederick H. Kanfer, Dieter Schmelzer / 2011-08-17Wegweiser Verhaltenstherapie: Psychotherapie als Chance (Auflage: 2)
  67. by Digby Tantam / 2011-08-17Psychotherapy and Counselling in Practice: A Narrative Framework
  68. by Carl Ratner / 2011-08-17Cultural Psychology: A Perspective on Psychological Functioning And Social Reform
  69. by Edited by Ronald No , Jan A. R. A. M. Van Hooff, Peter Hammerstein / 2011-08-20Economics in Nature: Social Dilemmas, Mate Choice and Biological Markets
  70. by Marius Nickel / 2011-08-21Angste, Zwange und Belastungsreaktionen: Diagnostik, Therapie und Rehabilitation
  71. by Karl Westhoff, Marie-Luise Kluck / 2011-08-21Psychologische Gutachten (Auflage: 5)
  72. by Thomas Nagel / 2011-08-21What Does It All Mean?: A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy
  73. by Dr Suman Fernando, Suman Fernando / 2011-08-21Cultural Diversity, Mental Health and Psychiatry: The Struggle Against Racism
  74. by Val Morrison, Paul Bennett / 2011-08-21Health Psychology
  75. by Joanne Green / 2011-08-22Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Older Adult: A Clinician's Guidebook
  76. by Tanja Legenbauer, Silja Vocks / 2011-08-22Manual der kognitiven Verhaltenstherapie bei Anorexie und Bulimie
  77. by Edited by Bella DePaulo PhD / 2011-08-22The Psychology of Dexter
  78. by Z. A. Melzak / 2011-08-22Bypasses: A Simple Approach to Complexity
  79. by Edited by Robert W. Mitchell / 2011-08-22Pretending and Imagination in Animals and Children
  80. by Stephen M. Kosslyn / 2011-08-22Graph Design for the Eye and Mind
  81. by Edited by Janet Saltzman Chafetz / 2011-08-22Handbook of the Sociology of Gender
  82. by Edited by David A. Leeming, Kathryn Madden, Stanton Marlan / 2011-08-22Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion
  83. by Edited by Hans Forstl, Martin Hautzinger, Gerhard Roth / 2011-08-23Neurobiologie psychischer Storungen
  84. by K. Daniel Cho / 2011-08-23Psychopedagogy: Freud, Lacan, and the Psychoanalytic Theory of Education
  85. by D. G. Cunningham Owens / 2011-08-23A Guide to the Extrapyramidal Side Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs
  86. by Gerald Young / 2011-08-23Development and Causality: Neo-Piagetian Perspectives
  87. by Edited by Ann Dowker / 2011-08-23Mathematical Difficulties: Psychology and Intervention (Educational Psychology) by Ann Dowker
  88. by Toshio Yamagishi / 2011-08-24Trust: The Evolutionary Game of Mind and Society (The Science of the Mind)
  89. by Patricia S. Churchland / 2011-08-24Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us about Morality
  90. by William R. Miller Phd, Stephen Rollnick PhD, Stephen Rollnick, William R. Miller / 2011-08-24Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People for Change
  91. by James L. Jacobson MD, Alan M. Jacobson MD / 2011-08-24Psychiatric Secrets
  92. by Ian Parker / 2011-08-24Revolution in Psychology: Alienation to Emancipation
  93. by Jeri J. Jaeger / 2011-08-24Kids' Slips: What Young Children's Slips of the Tongue Reveal About Language Development
  94. by Edited by Hugh Clapin, Phillip Staines, Peter Slezak / 2011-08-25Representation in Mind, Volume 1: New Approaches to Mental Representation
  95. by Hanne Andersen, Peter Barker, Xiang Chen / 2011-08-25The Cognitive Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  96. by Anton J. M. Dijker, Willem Koomen / 2011-08-25Stigmatization, Tolerance and Repair: An Integrative Psychological Analysis of Responses to Deviance
  97. by D.A. Andrews, James Bonta / 2011-08-25The Psychology of Criminal Conduct, Fifth Edition
  98. by Ana Jarvis, Luis Lebredo / 2011-08-25Spanish for Social Services: Basic Spanish Series, 2 edition
  99. by Edited by Manfred Gerlach, Claudia Mehler-Wex, Susanne Walitza, Andreas Warnke, Christoph Wewetzer / 2011-08-26Neuro-Psychopharmaka im Kindes- und Jugendalter: Grundlagen und Therapie
  100. by John Grinder, Richard Bandler / 2011-08-26Trance-Formations: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis


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