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  1. 2012-04-14Jeff Johnson - Underground Training Lab [repost]
  2. 2012-04-14Nice Work If You Can Get It: Life and Labor in Precarious Times [Repost]
  3. 2012-04-14Towards better Performing Transport Networks
  4. 2012-04-14Multifractal Volatility: Theory, Forecasting, and Pricing [Repost]
  5. 2012-04-14The New Investment Theory of Real Options and its Implication for Telecommunications Economics [Repost]
  6. 2012-04-14Environmental Management Accounting: Informational and Institutional Developments
  7. 2012-04-14Path to Prosperity: Hamilton Project Ideas on Income Security, Education, and Taxes
  8. 2012-04-14How to Find Business Information: A Guide for Businesspeople, Investors, and Researchers
  9. 2012-04-14Commodity Price Dynamics: A Structural Approach
  10. 2012-04-15The Japanese Industrial Economy: Late Development and Cultural Causation [Repost]
  11. 2012-04-15The Marxian Concept of Capital and the Soviet Experience: Essay in the Critique of Political Economy
  12. 2012-04-15Progress toward Liberalization of the Postal and Delivery Sector [Repost]
  13. by Kaplan, Atkinson / 2012-04-15[request]Solutions Manual and Teaching Notes, 3/E
  14. 2012-04-15The Accidental Theorist and Other Dispatches from the Dismal Science
  15. 2012-04-15Tools for Project Management, Workshops and Consulting by Nicolai Andler (Repost)
  16. 2012-04-15Poverty, Justice, and Western Political Thought [Repost]
  17. 2012-04-15The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization
  18. 2012-04-15Becoming A Manager
  19. 2012-04-15Jared Diamond - Collasso. Come le società scelgono di morire o vivere - Vol.1 & Vol.2
  20. 2012-04-15Financial Statement Analysis Workbook: A Practitioner's Guide
  21. 2012-04-16Comptabilité de gestion : analyse et maîtrise des coûts (repost)
  22. 2012-04-16CIA The Fundamentals of Restaurant Economics
  23. 2012-04-16Anthony Mancuso, "Corporate Records Handbook, The: Meetings, Minutes & Resolutions" (Repost)
  24. 2012-04-16What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption
  25. 2012-04-16Carbon Trading Law and Practice
  26. 2012-04-16Judith Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, "Service Oriented Architecture For Dummies" (Repost)
  27. 2012-04-16Peter Jaeckel, "Monte Carlo Methods in Finance"(Repost)
  28. 2012-04-17Claudia Baca, "Project Management for Mere Mortals" (Repost)
  29. by Fazi Elido / 2012-04-17Elido Fazi - La terza guerra mondiale? La verità sulle banche, Monti e l'euro
  30. 2012-04-17Ursachen und Auswirkungen der Finanzmarktkrise (Repost)
  31. 2012-04-17Monetary Policy, Inflation, and the Business Cycle: An Introduction to the New Keynesian Framework (Repost)
  32. 2012-04-17Tourismus 2.0 (Repost)
  33. 2012-04-17Die Web 2.0 Strategie Innovative Geschaeftsmodelle im Internet (Repost)
  34. 2012-04-17Microeconomics: Behavior, Institutions, and Evolution (Repost)
  35. 2012-04-17Macroeconomic Theory: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach (Repost)
  36. 2012-04-17Harvard Business Review - May 2012
  37. 2012-04-17Valuing Intangible Assets
  38. 2012-04-17Zero to $10k in 30 Days!
  39. 2012-04-17The Economics of Joan Robinson
  40. 2012-04-17East Asia's Economic Integration: Progress and Benefit (Repost)
  41. 2012-04-18Engineering Economics (repost)
  42. 2012-04-18An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur
  43. 2012-04-18Private Power and Global Authority: Transnational Merchant Law in the Global Political Economy
  44. 2012-04-18Cross-Border Mergers in Europe (Volume 2)
  45. 2012-04-18A Course in Credibility Theory and its Applications [Repost]
  46. 2012-04-18Environmental Economics: Theory and Policy in Equilibrium
  47. 2012-04-18Anatomy of Global Stock Market Crashes: An Empirical Analysis (Repost)
  48. 2012-04-18Politics and Power in the Multinational Corporation: The Role of Institutions, Interests and Identities (repost)
  49. 2012-04-18A Field Guide to Conservation Finance (repost)
  50. 2012-04-18Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World (repost)
  51. 2012-04-18Kompakt Edition Immobilienfinanzierung Grundbegriffe und Definitionen
  52. 2012-04-19Mastering Trade Selection and Management: Advanced Strategies for Long-Term Profitability
  53. 2012-04-19Greenback Planet: How the Dollar Conquered the World and Threatened Civilization as We Know It (Discovering America)
  54. 2012-04-19Strategic Management and Public Service Performance
  55. 2012-04-19Energy Options Impact on Regional Security [Repost]
  56. 2012-04-19Suzanne Gilad, «Copyediting & Proofreading For Dummies» (Repost)
  57. 2012-04-19Innovation, Agglomeration and Regional Competition
  58. 2012-04-19CIA The Fundamentals of Restaurant Economics
  59. 2012-04-19Alesina Alberto, Giavazzi Francesco - Goodbye Europa. Cronache di un declino economico e politico
  60. 2012-04-19Darrel Huff - Mentire con le statistiche
  61. 2012-04-19If You're Clueless about Financial Planning [Repost]
  62. 2012-04-19De l'entreprise marchande à l'entreprise marquante (repost)
  63. 2012-04-19Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money (repost)
  64. 2012-04-19Genetically Modified Food and Global Welfare (Frontiers of Economics and Globalization)
  65. 2012-04-19The Greatest Trades of All Time: Top Traders Making Big Profits from the Crash of 1929 to Today
  66. 2012-04-19Super Crunchers: Why Thinking-by-Numbers Is the New Way to Be Smart
  67. 2012-04-20CIA The Fundamentals of Restaurant Economics
  68. 2012-04-20Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics: The Challenge of Complexity, 6th edition (Repost)
  69. 2012-04-20American Buyers: Demographics of Shopping
  70. 2012-04-20Max Otte - Fermate l'euro disastro! Contro l'oligarchia finanziaria
  71. 2012-04-21Justin Pettit "Strategic Corporate Finance: Applications in Valuation & Capital Structure" (repost)
  72. 2012-04-21Le capital organisationnel: Principes, enjeux, valeur
  73. 2012-04-21Artificial Market Experiments with the U-Mart System [Repost]
  74. 2012-04-21Is-136 Tdma Technology, Economics and Services [Repost]
  75. by Randy Barber, Jeremy Rifkin / 2012-04-21[request]The North Will Rise Again: Pensions, Politics and Power in the 1980s
  76. 2012-04-21Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty
  77. by Archon Fung (Herausgeber), Tessa Hebb (Herausgeber), Joel Rogers (Herausgeber) / 2012-04-21[request]Working Capital: The Power of Labor's Pension: The Power of Labor's Pensions
  78. by Rajeev J. Sawant / 2012-04-21[request]Infrastructure Investing: Managing Risks & Rewards for Pensions, Insurance Companies & Endowments (Wiley Finance)
  79. 2012-04-21Invest to Exit - A Pragmatic Strategy for Angel and Venture Capital Investors
  80. 2012-04-21Mieux Vivre Votre Argent 367 - Mai 201
  81. 2012-04-21Lawrence Harte, Adrian Smith, Charles A. Jacobs : Is-136 Tdma Technology, Economics and Services
  82. 2012-04-21Metals and Society: An Introduction to Economic Geology
  83. 2012-04-22Trading Systems and Money Management (Repost)
  84. by Rakesh V. Vohra / 2012-04-22[request]Mechanism Design: A Linear Programming Approach
  85. by M. Gilli / 2012-04-22[request]Computational Economic Systems: Models, Methods & Econometrics
  86. 2012-04-22The Economist - 21 April 2012
  87. 2012-04-22It's the Customer, Stupid!: 34 Wake-up Calls to Help You Stay Client-Focused (Repost)
  88. by Claudia Baca / 2012-04-22Claudia Baca, "Project Management for Mere Mortals"
  89. 2012-04-22Institutions, Industrial Upgrading, And Economic Performance in Japan: The 'Flying-Geese' Paradigm of Catch-Up Growth [Repost]
  90. 2012-04-22Creating Wealth and Poverty in Postsocialist China
  91. 2012-04-22In Pursuit of Science and Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa [Repost]
  92. 2012-04-22Reading and Understanding Economics (repost)
  93. 2012-04-22Transport and Tourism: Global Perspectives, 3rd edition (repost)
  94. 2012-04-22The Global Political Economy of Sex: Desire, Violence, and Insecurity in Mediterranean Nation States (repost)
  95. 2012-04-22World Out of Balance: Navigating Global Risks to Seize Competitive Advantage (repost)
  96. 2012-04-22Building a Successful Board-Test Strategy, Second Edition (repost)
  97. 2012-04-22The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses (repost)
  98. 2012-04-23The Calculus of Selfishness (Repost)
  99. 2012-04-23Claudia Baca, "Project Management for Mere Mortals"
  100. 2012-04-23Mandarins of the Future: Modernization Theory in Cold War America [Repost]


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