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  1. 2009-03-31The Relationship Advantage: Become a Trusted Advisor and Create Clients for Life 2003-10
  2. 2009-03-31Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition
  3. 2009-03-31Federal Mafia: How It Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes
  4. 2009-03-31Innovation in the Service Economy: The New Wealth of Nations
  5. 2009-03-31Strategic Entrepreneurship: A Decision-Making Approach to New Venture Creation and Management
  6. 2009-03-31In Restraint of Trade: The Business Campaign Against Competition, 1918-1938
  7. 2009-03-31OECD Territorial Reviews Istanbul, Turkey (Oecd Territorial Reviews)
  8. 2009-03-31Power, Profit and Protest: Australian Social Movements and Globalisation
  9. 2009-03-31Postwar Migration in Southern Europe, 1950-2000: An Economic Analysis
  10. 2009-03-31Economics and the Mind (Routledge Inem Advances in Economic Methodology)
  11. 2009-03-31Money & Markets: Essays in Honor of Leland B. Yeager (Foundations of the Market Economy)
  12. 2009-03-31Institutional Change in the Payments System and Monetary Policy (Routledge International Studies in Money and Banking)
  13. 2009-03-31Experiments Investigating Fundraising and Charitable Contributors, Volume 11 (Research in Experimental Economics)
  14. 2009-03-31The Handbook of Country Risk 2006-2007: A Guide to International Business and Trade (International Business & Trade)
  15. 2009-03-31OECD Framework for the Evaluation of SME and Entrepreneurship Policies and Programmes
  16. by Jeffrey Wooldridge / 2009-04-01[request]Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach
  17. 2009-04-01Marx and Engels and the English Workers: And Other Essays
  18. 2009-04-01Charging Ahead: The Growth and Regulation of Payment Card Markets
  19. 2009-04-01Rethinking Pension Reform
  20. 2009-04-01Wellbeing in Developing Countries: From Theory to Research
  21. 2009-04-01The Economics of Overtime Working
  22. 2009-04-01Ecology, Economy and State Formation in Early Modern Germany
  23. 2009-04-01Modernism and the Culture of Market Society
  24. 2009-04-01Standards and Public Policy
  25. 2009-04-01Réalités nationales et mondialisation
  26. 2009-04-01Deflation: Current and Historical Perspectives (Studies in Macroeconomic History)
  27. 2009-04-01Muslim Society and the Western Indian Ocean: The Seafarers of Kachchh
  28. 2009-04-01Cultural Foundations of Economic Development: Urban Female Entrepreneurship in Ghana (Foundations of the Market Economy)
  29. 2009-04-01Finding Global Balance: Common Grounds Between the Worlds of Development And Faith
  30. 2009-04-01Planning, Estimating, and Control of Chemical Construction Projects (Cost Engineering)
  31. 2009-04-01Korea in the New Asia: East Asian Integration and the China Factor (Routledge Advances in Korean Studies)
  32. 2009-04-01The WTO after Hong Kong: Progress in, and prospects for, the Doha Development Agenda (Race & Politics)
  33. 2009-04-01Finding Global Balance: Common Grounds Between the Worlds of Development And Faith
  34. 2009-04-01Learning in the Global Era: International Perspectives on Globalization and Education
  35. 2009-04-01Welfare Reform and Sexual Regulation
  36. 2009-04-01European Integration and the Functioning of Product Markets
  37. 2009-04-01Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy: A Historical and Contemporary Perspective on Markets, Law, Ethics, and Culture
  38. 2009-04-01The Work of Global Justice: Human Rights as Practices (Cambridge Cultural Social Studies)
  39. 2009-04-01Competition Policy and Law in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  40. 2009-04-01Changing Japanese Capitalism: Societal Coordination and Institutional Adjustment
  41. 2009-04-01Japanese Exports and Foreign Direct Investment: Imperfect Competition in International Markets
  42. 2009-04-01Accountability Without Democracy: Solidary Groups and Public Goods Provision in Rural China
  43. 2009-04-01North and South in the World Political Economy
  44. 2009-04-01Economic Analyses of the European Patent System
  45. 2009-04-01Allocation in the European Emissions Trading Scheme: Rights, Rents and Fairness
  46. 2009-04-01Millionaire Homeowner: How to Turn Your Home Into a Real Estate Goldmine
  47. 2009-04-01Womit handeln Banken?: Eine Untersuchung zur Risikoverarbeitung in der Wirtschaft
  48. 2009-04-01The VAT in Developing and Transitional Countries
  49. 2009-04-01CIMA Revision Cards: Performance Evaluation (CIMA Revision Cards)
  50. 2009-04-01China And The Challenge Of Economic Globalization: The Impact Of Wto Membership
  51. 2009-04-01International Perspectives On Household Wealth
  52. 2009-04-01Civil-Military Relations in Today's China: Swimming in a New Sea (East Gate Books)
  53. 2009-04-01Monetary Policy Implementation: Theory, Past, and Present
  54. 2009-04-01Revisiting U.S. Trade Policy: Decisions In Perspective
  55. 2009-04-01Handbook of Contemporary Behavioral Economics: Foundations And Developments
  56. 2009-04-01Die Lead-Markt-Strategie: Das Geheimnis weltweit erfolgreicher Innovationen
  57. 2009-04-01Das Management der Ignoranz. Nichtwissen als Erfolgsfaktor
  58. 2009-04-02Nations and Firms in the Global Economy: An Introduction to International Economics and Business
  59. 2009-04-02Topics in Analytical Political Economy, Volume 17 (International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics)
  60. 2009-04-02Markets in Historical Contexts: Ideas and Politics in the Modern World
  61. 2009-04-02Innovation By Demand: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of Demand and Its Role in Innovation
  62. 2009-04-02Growing Public: Volume 1, The Story: Social Spending and Economic Growth since the Eighteenth Century
  63. 2009-04-02The Economic Regulation of Broadcasting Markets: Evolving Technology and Challenges for Policy
  64. 2009-04-02Alessandro Roncaglia - The Wealth of Ideas: A History of Economic Thought
  65. 2009-04-02Walter Allan - CIMA Exam Practice Kit: Economics for Business
  66. 2009-04-02Mr. Sraffa on Joint Production and Other Essays
  67. 2009-04-02Towards Sustainable Household Consumption? Trends And Policies In OECD Countries
  68. 2009-04-02Business Leadership and Culture: National Management Styles in the Global Economy
  69. 2009-04-02Lower Your Taxes - Big Time! : Wealth-Building, Tax Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider
  70. 2009-04-02The New Entrepreneurs of Europe and Asia: Patterns of Business Development in Russia, Eastern Europe, and China
  71. 2009-04-02Landscapes of Power: From Detroit to Disney World
  72. 2009-04-02Chuck Jaffe's Lifetime Guide to Mutual Funds: An Owner's Manual
  73. 2009-04-02Patents, Citations, and Innovations: A Window on the Knowledge Economy
  74. 2009-04-02Asian Politics in Development: Essays in Honour of Gordon White
  75. 2009-04-02Systemic Change in the Japanese and German Economies: Convergence and Differentiation as a Dual Challenge
  76. 2009-04-02The Health of Nations: Society and Law beyond the State
  77. 2009-04-02Regulating Railroad Innovation: Business, Technology, and Politics in America, 1840-1920
  78. 2009-04-02The Future of e-Markets: Multidimensional Market Mechanisms
  79. 2009-04-02Japan's Economic Dilemma: The Institutional Origins of Prosperity and Stagnation
  80. 2009-04-02Modeling Monetary Economies
  81. 2009-04-02An Economic and Social History of the Netherlands, 1800-1920: Demographic, Economic and Social Transition
  82. 2009-04-02Modeling Aggregate Behaviour & Fluctuations in Economics
  83. 2009-04-02Chinese Professionals and the Republican State: The Rise of Professional Associations in Shanghai, 1912-1937
  84. 2009-04-02Money and the Natural Rate of Unemployment
  85. 2009-04-02Super Imperialism - New Edition: The Origin and Fundamentals of U.S. World Dominance
  86. 2009-04-02Frontiers of Development Economics: The Future in Perspective
  87. 2009-04-02The Caucasian Tiger: Sustaining Economic Growth in Armenia
  88. 2009-04-02Arab Human Development Report 2003: Building a Knowledge Society
  89. 2009-04-02Economic And Social Survey of Asia And the Pacific 2006: Energizing the Global Economy
  90. 2009-04-02Beyond the Numbers: Understanding the Institutions for Monitoring Poverty Reduction Strategies
  91. 2009-04-02Trade, Doha, and Development: A Window into the Issues
  92. 2009-04-02Central Asia Human Development Report: Bringing Down Barriers Regional Cooperation for Human Development And Human Security
  93. 2009-04-02African Development Indicators 2004 (African Development Indicators)
  94. 2009-04-02Human Development Report 2006: Beyond Scarcity: Power, poverty and the global water crisis (Human Development Report)
  95. 2009-04-02The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires
  96. 2009-04-03Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis
  97. 2009-04-03RAND Review Vol 32 No 3 Fall 2008 (A Better Deal Twelve Suggestions for the New U.S. President)
  98. 2009-04-03Richard M. Steers, Luciara Nardon - Managing In The Global Economy
  99. 2009-04-03William Bonner, Lila Rajiva - Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets: Surviving the Public Spectacle in Finance and Politics
  100. 2009-04-03Privatization: Property and the Remaking of Nature-Society Relations


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