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  1. 2009-04-06African Development Report 2005: Public Sector Management in Africa (African Development Report)
  2. 2009-04-06The New New Economy: Yet Another Clueless Business Manifesto for the Post-Digital Age 2002-05
  3. 2009-04-06Transnational Corporations and Business Networks: An Asian Perspective (Routledge Advances in Asia-Pacific 9)
  4. 2009-04-06Valuing Nature?: Economics, Ethics and Environment
  5. 2009-04-06Exporting Africa: Technology, Trade and Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa
  6. 2009-04-06Friend of China - The Myth of Rewi Alley (Chinese Worlds)
  7. 2009-04-06Alliance Capitalism: The Social Organization of Japanese Business
  8. 2009-04-06Japanese Capitalism in Crisis: A Regulationist Interpretation (Routledge Advances in International Political Economy)
  9. 2009-04-06Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research, Volume 9 (Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research)
  10. 2009-04-07Innovation and Knowledge Creation in an Open Economy: Canadian Industry and International Implications
  11. 2009-04-07Russia's Economic Transitions: From Late Tsarism to the New Millennium
  12. 2009-04-07The General Theory of Profit Equilibrium: Keynes and the Entrepreneur Economy
  13. 2009-04-07The Ultimate Dividend Playbook: Income, Insight and Independence for Today's Investor
  14. 2009-04-07Wealth into Power: The Communist Party's Embrace of China's Private Sector
  15. 2009-04-07Executive Intelligence: What All Great Leaders Have
  16. 2009-04-07The Japanese Economy Reconsidered
  17. 2009-04-07Seasonal Stock Market Trends: The Definitive Guide to Calendar-Based Stock Market Trading
  18. 2009-04-07The Political Economy of Trade, Aid and Foreign Investment Policies
  19. 2009-04-07The Legal Regime of Foreign Private Investment in Sudan and Saudi Arabia
  20. 2009-04-07House Prices and the Macroeconomy: Implications for Banking and Price Stability
  21. 2009-04-07The Multinational Traders (Routledge International Studies in Business History, 5)
  22. by Jr.,Robert Reilly (Author), Robert Schweihs (Author), Robert Reilly (Author), Robert Schweihs (Author) / 2009-04-08The Handbook of Business Valuation and Intellectual Property Analysis
  23. by Robert J. Chapman / 2009-04-08Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management
  24. by Ping Chen (Author), Sardar M.N. Islam (Author / 2009-04-08Optimal Control Models in Finance: A New Computational Approach
  25. by Gabrielle Demange (Editor), Myrna Wooders (Editor) / 2009-04-08Group Formation in Economics: Networks, Clubs, and Coalitions
  26. by Kyriaki Kosmidou (Author), C. Zopounidis (Author) / 2009-04-08Goal Programming Techniques for Bank Asset Liability Management
  27. by Richard Grabowski / 2009-04-08Economic Development: A Regional, Institutional, and Historical Approach
  28. 2009-04-08Probability for Risk Management 2nd Ed.
  29. 2009-04-08Five-phase Project Management: A Practical Planning And Implementation Guide
  30. 2009-04-08Managing Project Risk: Business Risk Management for Project Leaders
  31. 2009-04-08Yuanyuan Peng - The Chinese Banking Industry: Lessons from history for today's challenges
  32. 2009-04-08Andreas Strebinger "Markenarchitektur: Strategien zwischen Einzel- und Dachmarke sowie lokaler und globaler Marke"
  33. 2009-04-08Strategic Management for the Public Services
  34. 2009-04-08Sociological Appraisal of Macroeconomic Forecasting
  35. 2009-04-08Foundation Management: Innovation and Responsibility at Home and Abroad
  36. 2009-04-08Makroökonomik: Modellierung, Paradigmen und Politik
  37. by Steve Dalton / 2009-04-09Financial Applications using Excel Add-in Development in C/C
  38. by Alessandro Roncaglia / 2009-04-09The Wealth of Ideas: A History of Economic Thought
  39. by Peter Flaschel / 2009-04-09The Macrodynamics of Capitalism: Elements for a Synthesis of Marx, Keynes and Schumpeter
  40. by Paul Wilmott / 2009-04-09The Best of Wilmott 1: Incorporating the Quantitative Finance Review
  41. by Bennett A. McDowell (Author), Lawrence G. McMillan (Foreword) / 2009-04-09The ART of Trading: Combining the Science of Technical Analysis with the Art of Reality-Based Trading
  42. by Brian P. Lancaster (Author), Glenn M. Schultz (Author), Frank J. Fabozzi (Author) / 2009-04-09Structured Products and Related Credit Derivatives: A Comprehensive Guide for Investors
  43. by L. C. Hilbert / 2009-04-09Currency Interventions, Fluctuations and Economic Issues
  44. 2009-04-09The Macroeconomics of Transition
  45. 2009-04-09Cities in China: Recipes for Economic Development in the Reform Era
  46. 2009-04-09The Evolutionary Foundations of Economics
  47. 2009-04-09New Frontiers in the Economics of Innovation And New Technology: Essays in Honour of Paul A. David
  48. 2009-04-09Marginalization and Social Welfare in China
  49. 2009-04-09Labour Force Statistics 1982-2002: 2003 Edition
  50. 2009-04-09The Future of North American Integration: Beyond Nafta
  51. 2009-04-09Selling is Dead: Moving Beyond Traditional Sales Roles and Practices to Revitalize Growth
  52. 2009-04-09Adam Smith's Legacy: His Place in the Development of Modern Economics
  53. 2009-04-09Key Issues in WTO Dispute Settlement: The First Ten Years
  54. 2009-04-09Paths of Enterprise: The Future of Small Business
  55. 2009-04-09International Public Goods and Transfer of Technology Under a Globalized Intellectual Property Regime
  56. 2009-04-09The Wealth of Nature: Environmental History and the Ecological Imagination
  57. 2009-04-09Working Time and Worker's Preferences in Industrialized Countries: Finding the Balance
  58. 2009-04-09Security and Stustaibable Developement in Myanmar/Burma
  59. 2009-04-09The State and Life Chances in Urban China: Redistribution and Stratification, 1949-1994
  60. 2009-04-09Accelerating Catch-Up: Tertiary Education for Growth in Ssa
  61. 2009-04-09Economic Writings: Selections 1904-1945
  62. 2009-04-09European Trade Policies and Developing Countries
  63. 2009-04-09The Economic Implications of Aging Societies: The Costs of Living Happily Ever After
  64. 2009-04-09Creditor Reporting System: Aid Activities in Latin America And the Caribbean-development Assistance Committee
  65. 2009-04-09Coordination and Information: Historical Perspectives on the Organization of Enterprise
  66. 2009-04-09Making a Living in Europe: Human Geographies of Economic Change
  67. 2009-04-09Financial Analysis with Microsoft Excel - 4th edition
  68. 2009-04-09Chinese Capitalism
  69. 2009-04-09Towards a Classless Society?
  70. 2009-04-09Economic Analysis of Social Common Capital
  71. 2009-04-09The Regulated Economy: A Historical Approach to Political Economy
  72. 2009-04-09Economic Systems of Foraging, Agricultural, and Industrial Societies
  73. 2009-04-09Planning Polity: Planning, Government and the Policy Process
  74. 2009-04-09Trends in International Migration: SOPEMI - 2003 Edition
  75. 2009-04-09Creditor Reporting System on Aid Activities: Aid Activities in Support of Gender Equality 1999-2003- Volume 2005 Issue 6
  76. 2009-04-09Monetary Policy and Unemployment: The US, Euro-area and Japan
  77. 2009-04-09Fiscal Federalism in the European Union
  78. 2009-04-09Europe and the Asia Pacific
  79. 2009-04-09When Schools Compete: A Cautionary Tale
  80. 2009-04-09Saving and Investment in a Global Economy
  81. 2009-04-09The New Relationship: Human Capital in the American Corporation
  82. by Bruce Tuckman / 2009-04-10Fixed Income Securities: Tools for Today's Markets, Second Edition
  83. by Alicia H. Munnell (Author), Steven A. Sass (Author) / 2009-04-10Social Security and the Stock Market: How the Pursuit of Market Magic Shapes the System
  84. by Alastair Day / 2009-04-10Mastering Financial Modelling: A practitioner's guide to applied corporate finance
  85. by Niall M. Fraser (Author), Elizabeth M. Jewkes (Author), Irwin Bernhardt (Author), May Tajima (Author) / 2009-04-10Global Engineering Economics: Financial Decision Making for Engineers
  86. by Carl Chiarella (Author), Peter Flaschel (Author), Reiner Franke (Author) / 2009-04-10Foundations for a Disequilibrium Theory of the Business Cycle: Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Assessment
  87. by Anne Britton (Author), Chris Waterston (Author) / 2009-04-10Financial Accounting
  88. by Adam Dunsby (Author), John Eckstein (Author), Jess Gaspar (Author), Sarah Mulholland (Author) / 2009-04-10Commodity Investing: Maximizing Returns Through Fundamental Analysis
  89. 2009-04-10International Finance
  90. 2009-04-10Former Yugoslavia at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century: A Guide to the Economies in Transition
  91. 2009-04-10The Belgian Economy in the Twentieth Century
  92. 2009-04-1060 Minute Trader
  93. 2009-04-10New Keynesian Economics / Post Keynesian Alternatives
  94. 2009-04-10Themes in Post-Keynesian Economics: Essays in Honour of Geoff Harcourt
  95. 2009-04-10Private Sector Involvement in the EMU: The Power of Ideas
  96. 2009-04-10The Mediterranean Tradition in Economic Thought
  97. 2009-04-10Monetary and Financial Policies in Developing Countries: Growth and Stabilization
  98. 2009-04-10Value Management in Design and Construction
  99. 2009-04-10The Flow Analysis of Labour Markets
  100. 2009-04-10Japan's Economic Power and Security: Japan and North Korea


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