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  1. by C. J. Hayden / 2007-10-27AMACOM.Get.Clients.Now.A.28-day.Marketing.Program.for.Professionals.Consultants
  2. by C. J. Hayden / 2007-10-27101-strategies-for-recruiting-success-where-when-and-how-to-find-the-right-people-every-time
  3. 2007-10-27The Index Trading Course
  4. 2007-10-27Opportunity Investing: How To Profit When Stocks Advance, Stocks Decline, Inflation Runs Rampant, Prices Fall, Oil Prices Hit t
  5. 2007-10-27Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual: A Blueprint for Running an Effective and Efficient Department
  6. 2007-10-28Understanding Financial Crises
  7. 2007-10-28The Sleuth Investor
  8. 2007-10-28Personal Finance & Investing All-in-One For Dummies
  9. 2007-10-28Bare essentials of investing, the teaching the horse to talk
  10. 2007-10-29Currency Strategy: The Practitioner's Guide to Currency Investing, Hedging and Forecasting
  11. 2007-10-29Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds
  12. 2007-10-31Introduction to Statistical Quality Control
  13. 2007-11-02Essential Stock Picking Strategies: What Works on Wall Street
  14. 2007-11-02Bank Failures in the Major Trading Countries of the World: Causes and Remedies
  15. 2007-11-02The Structured Credit Handbook
  16. 2007-11-02Behavioral Management Accounting
  17. 2007-11-02The Handbook of West European Pension Politics
  18. 2007-11-04Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management
  19. 2007-11-04The Liquidity Theory of Asset Prices
  20. 2007-11-04Sectors and Styles: A New Approach to Outperforming the Market
  21. 2007-11-04Global Firms and Emerging Markets in an Age of Anxiety
  22. 2007-11-05Risk Quantification: Management, Diagnosis and Hedging
  23. 2007-11-05Handbooks of Management Accounting Research, Two-Volume Set
  24. 2007-11-06Business Strategy Formulation: Theory, Process, and the Intellectual Revolution
  25. 2007-11-06Qualitative Research in Intelligence and Marketing: The New Strategic Convergence
  26. 2007-11-06The Basics of Economics
  27. 2007-11-06Corporate Actions: A Guide to Securities Event Management
  28. 2007-11-06Modern Macroeconomics
  29. 2007-11-06Marketing Automation: Practical Steps to More Effective Direct Marketing
  30. 2007-11-06Rethinking Bank Regulation: Till Angels Govern
  31. 2007-11-06The Handbook of Variable Income Annuities
  32. 2007-11-06The Credit Market Handbook: Advanced Modeling Issues
  33. 2007-11-06A Practical Guide to Forecasting Financial Market Volatility
  34. 2007-11-06Accounts Receivable Management Best Practices
  35. 2007-11-06Fixed-Income Securities: Valuation, Risk Management and Portfolio Strategies
  36. 2007-11-07Stochastic Volatility: Selected Readings (Advanced Texts in Econometrics)
  37. 2007-11-07Stochastic Volatility: Selected Readings (Advanced Texts in Econometrics)
  38. 2007-11-08Discounted Cash Flow: A Theory of the Valuation of Firms
  39. 2007-11-08Advanced Microeconomic Theory
  40. 2007-11-08Introduction to Modern Time Series Analysis
  41. 2007-11-09Fundamentals of Respiratory System and Sounds Analysis
  42. 2007-11-10Carbon Finance: The Financial Implications of Climate Change
  43. 2007-11-10Angel Financing for Entrepreneurs: Early-Stage Funding for Long-Term Success
  44. 2007-11-12Advanced Robust and Nonparametric Methods in Efficiency Analysis: Methodology and Applications
  45. 2007-11-12Making Foreign Investment Safe: Property Rights and National Sovereignty
  46. 2007-11-13Bond Markets: Analysis and Strategies (4th Edition)
  47. 2007-11-13Computational Finance: Numerical Methods for Pricing Financial Instruments
  48. 2007-11-13The Psychology of the Foreign Exchange Market
  49. 2007-11-13Cash Flow Forecasting
  50. 2007-11-13Clearing and Settlement of Derivatives
  51. 2007-11-13A Behavioral Approach to Asset Pricing
  52. 2007-11-13Linear Factor Models in Finance
  53. 2007-11-13Advanced Fixed Income Analysis
  54. 2007-11-13IPO and Equity Offerings
  55. 2007-11-13Single Stock Futures
  56. 2007-11-13Advances in Portfolio Construction and Implementation
  57. 2007-11-13The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series
  58. 2007-11-15Tech Stock Valuation
  59. 2007-11-15Using SAS in Financial Research
  60. 2007-11-15Advanced Derivatives Pricing and Risk Management: Theory, Tools, and Hands-On Programming Applications
  61. 2007-11-15Shareholder Value: A Business Experience
  62. 2007-11-15Managing Downside Risk in Financial Markets
  63. 2007-11-15Economics for Financial Markets (Quantitative Finance)
  64. 2007-11-15Managing Operational Risk in Financial Markets
  65. 2007-11-15International Funds: A practical guide
  66. 2007-11-15Pricing and Hedging Interest and Credit Risk Sensitive Instruments
  67. 2007-11-15Funds of Hedge Funds: Performance, Assessment, Diversification, and Statistical Properties
  68. 2007-11-16A Primer for Benefit-Cost Analysis
  69. 2007-11-16CIMA Exam Practice Kit: Business Mathematics
  70. 2007-11-16Macroeconomic Theory: A Textbook on Macroeconomic Knowledge and Analysis : Inflation, Employment and Business Fluctuations
  71. 2007-11-18Financial Engineering and Computation: Principles, Mathematics, and Algorithms
  72. 2007-11-18Global Competition in Transportation Markets Analysis and Policy Making
  73. 2007-11-18Port Economics, Volume 16 (Research in Transportation Economics)
  74. 2007-11-18Handbook of Alternative Monetary Economics
  75. 2007-11-18Intermediate Financial Theory
  76. 2007-11-19Quantum Finance: Path Integrals and Hamiltonians for Options and Interest Rates
  77. 2007-11-20Advances in International Accounting
  78. 2007-11-20Advances in Management Accounting, Volume 14
  79. 2007-11-21The Economics of Contracts: A Primer
  80. by Fitchtraining / 2007-11-22Credit analysis. Background reading
  81. by Shannon P. Pratt / 2007-11-22[request]Cost of Capital: Estimation and Applications
  82. 2007-11-22Research in Accounting Regulation, Volume 18
  83. 2007-11-22Advances in Management Accounting, Volume 15
  84. 2007-11-22Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, Volume 24 A-C
  85. 2007-11-22Advances in International Accounting, Volume 19
  86. 2007-11-22European Responses to Globalization: Resistance, Adaptation and Alternatives, Volume 88 (Contemporary Studies in Economic and F
  87. 2007-11-22Electricity Market Reform An International Perspective
  88. 2007-11-24The Economics of Financial Markets
  89. 2007-11-24Optimization Methods in Finance
  90. 2007-11-26A Benchmark Approach to Quantitative Finance
  91. 2007-11-26Introduction to the Theory of Cooperative Games
  92. 2007-11-26Financial Structure and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Comparison of Banks, Markets, and Development
  93. 2007-11-28The Recurrent Crisis in Corporate Governance
  94. 2007-11-28Japan's Great Stagnation: Financial and Monetary Policy Lessons for Advanced Economies
  95. 2007-11-28A Guide to International Monetary Economics
  96. 2007-11-28Corporate Aftershock: The Public Policy Lessons from the Collapse of Enron and Other Major Corporations
  97. 2007-11-28From Stochastic Calculus to Mathematical Finance: The Shiryaev Festschrift
  98. 2007-11-29Money, Macroeconomics and Keynes
  99. 2007-11-29London and Paris as International Financial Centres in the Twentieth Century
  100. 2007-11-29Methodology, Microeconomics and Keynes


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