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  1. 2009-08-02The Power of Pills: Social, Ethical and Legal Issues in Drug Development, Marketing and Pricing
  2. 2009-08-02Islamic Banking and Finance in South-East Asia: Its Development and Future
  3. 2009-08-02Financial Development, Integration And Stability: Evidence from Central, Eastern And South-Eastern Europe
  4. 2009-08-02Market Models: A Guide to Financial Data Analysis
  5. 2009-08-02ECMT Round Tables No. 135 Transport Infrastructure Charges and Capacity Choice
  6. 2009-08-02Babylon and Beyond: The Economics of Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Globalist and Radical Green Movements
  7. 2009-08-02Law and Corporate Finance (Elgar Financial Law)
  8. 2009-08-02Industrial Property
  9. 2009-08-02The Politics of Equity Finance in Emerging Markets
  10. 2009-08-02The New International Money Game
  11. 2009-08-02A Master Guide to Income Property Brokerage : Boost Your Income By Selling Commercial and Income Properties , 4th Edition
  12. 2009-08-02Creating a Trading Floor: The Project Manager's Guide to the Design, Construction and Launch of Trading Floors and Data Centers
  13. 2009-08-02Annuity Markets and Pension Reform
  14. 2009-08-02Mergers and Acquisitions Deal-Makers: Building a Winning Team
  15. 2009-08-02Auctioning Public Assets: Analysis and Alternatives
  16. 2009-08-02Quantum Finance: Path Integrals and Hamiltonians for Options and Interest Rates
  17. 2009-08-02Financial Management for Agribusiness (Landlinks Press)
  18. 2009-08-02Sport Funding and Finance (Sport Management)
  19. 2009-08-02Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion Into Action (AFP Fund Development Series) (The AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series)
  20. 2009-08-02Bernard Baumohl - The Secrets of Economic Indicators: Hidden Clues to Future Economic Trends and Investment Opportunities
  21. 2009-08-02Free Cash Flow and Shareholder Yield: New Priorities for the Global Investor
  22. 2009-08-02From Buildings and Loans to Bail-Outs: A History of the American Savings and Loan Industry, 1831-1995
  23. 2009-08-02The Complete Guide to Futures Trading: What You Need to Know about the Risks and Rewards
  24. 2009-08-02Global Capital Markets: Integration, Crisis, and Growth
  25. 2009-08-02Anti-Money Laundering: International Law and Practice
  26. 2009-08-02The Asian Financial Crisis: New International Financial Architecture: Crisis, Reform and Recovery
  27. 2009-08-02Covered Calls and LEAPS--A Wealth Option (Wiley Trading)
  28. 2009-08-02International Trade and Labor Markets: Theory, Evidence, and Policy Implications
  29. 2009-08-02Active Alpha: A Portfolio Approach to Selecting and Managing Alternative Investments (Wiley Finance)
  30. 2009-08-02Avoiding Responsibility: The Politics and Discourse of European Development Policy
  31. 2009-08-02Government Guarantees: Allocating and Valuing Risk in Privately Financed Infrastructure Projects
  32. 2009-08-02Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Third Edition
  33. 2009-08-02Currency Unions (Hoover Institution Press Publication)
  34. 2009-08-02Restaurant Financial Basics
  35. 2009-08-02Geldzauber. Magische Tipps für finanziellen Wohlstand
  36. 2009-08-02Flipping Confidential: The Secrets of Renovating Property for Profit In Any Market
  37. 2009-08-02Estimating Market Power and Strategies
  38. 2009-08-02Implementing Financial Regulation: Theory and Practice (The Wiley Finance Series)
  39. 2009-08-02The Handbook of Financing Growth: Strategies and Capital Structure (Wiley Finance)
  40. 2009-08-02Invisible Giant: Cargill and its Transnational Strategies, Second Edition
  41. 2009-08-03Current Issues in Sector-wide Approaches for Health Development
  42. 2009-08-03School Choice Tradeoffs
  43. 2009-08-03Economics as a Social Science: An Approach to Nonautistic Theory
  44. 2009-08-03The Changing Faces of Economic Insecurity
  45. 2009-08-03Wake Up Your Call Center: Humanize Your Interaction Hub, 4th Edition
  46. 2009-08-03Asian American Assimilation: Ethnicity, Immigration, and Socioeconomic Attainment (The New Americans)
  47. 2009-08-03Religion and society in a Cotswold vale: Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, 1780-1865
  48. 2009-08-03The Other Economy: Pastoral Husbandry on a Medieval Estate
  49. 2009-08-03Expert Advice for Policy Choice: Analysis and Discourse (American Governance and Public Policy)
  50. 2009-08-03Ecotourism and Conservation in the Americas
  51. 2009-08-03Invasion der Heuschrecken
  52. 2009-08-03The Robber Barons
  53. 2009-08-03Volatile States: Institutions, Policy, and the Performance of American State Economies
  54. 2009-08-03The New Silk Road: How a Rising Arab World is Turning Away from the West and Rediscovering China
  55. 2009-08-03Beyond Practical Virtue: A Defense of Liberal Democracy Through Literature
  56. 2009-08-03The Coaching Pocketbook (The Manager Series)
  57. 2009-08-03Performance Management
  58. 2009-08-03Developing People
  59. 2009-08-03Facilitator's (Trainer)
  60. 2009-08-03The Starting in Management Pocketbook
  61. 2009-08-03Teambuilding Activities Pocketbook
  62. 2009-08-03Auf Crashkurs: Automobilindustrie im globalen Verdrängungswettbewerb
  63. 2009-08-03Smart Couples Finish Rich: Nine Steps to Creating a Rich Future For You and Your Partner
  64. 2009-08-03John Calverley - Investor's Guide to Economic Fundamentals
  65. 2009-08-03Investment Manager Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide to Portfolio Selection, Monitoring and Optimization (Repost)
  66. 2009-08-03Andrew Fight - Understanding International Bank Risk (Repost)
  67. 2009-08-03Christopher S. Chapman - Controlling Strategy: Management, Accounting, and Performance Measurement
  68. 2009-08-03Mark Deacon, Andrew Derry - Inflation-indexed Securities: Bonds, Swaps and Other Derivatives
  69. 2009-08-03Robert L. Hagin - Investment Management: Portfolio Diversification, Risk, and Timing - Fact and Fiction (Repost)
  70. 2009-08-03Jesse T. Barfield, Cecily A. Raiborn - Cost Accounting: Traditions and Innovations
  71. 2009-08-03Edward Fields - The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers
  72. 2009-08-03Mary S. Schaeffer - Essentials of Accounts Payable (Repost)
  73. 2009-08-03Charles W. Mulford, Eugene E. Comiskey - The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices (Repost)
  74. 2009-08-03Andrew Fight - Introduction to Project Finance
  75. 2009-08-03Bernd Wagner, Stefan Enzler - Material Flow Management: Improving Cost Efficiency and Environmental Performance
  76. 2009-08-03Understanding Contemporary Ireland
  77. 2009-08-03Ramparts of Resistance: Why Workers Lost Their Power, and How to Get It Back
  78. 2009-08-03Understanding Spreads
  79. 2009-08-03Getting Started in Emerging Markets (Repost)
  80. 2009-08-03Power Up Your Profits: 31 Days to Better Selling
  81. 2009-08-03From .Com to .Profit: Inventing Business Models That Deliver Value and Profit (Repost)
  82. 2009-08-03High Probability ETF Trading: 7 Professional Strategies To Improve Your ETF Trading
  83. 2009-08-04Animal Capital: Rendering Life in Biopolitical Times
  84. 2009-08-04The Capability Approach: Concepts, Measures and Applications
  85. 2009-08-04Rational Expectations and Econometric Practice
  86. 2009-08-04La comptabilité générale
  87. 2009-08-04Power and Restraint: A Shared Vision for the U.S.-China Relationship
  88. 2009-08-04More ProActive Sales Management: Avoid the Mistakes Even Great Sales Managers Make -- And Get Extraordinary Results
  89. 2009-08-04Montesquieu and His Legacy
  90. 2009-08-04Global Restructuring and the Power of Labour
  91. 2009-08-04Southeast Asia: The Human Landscape of Modernization and Development
  92. 2009-08-04Your Credit Score: How to Fix, Improve, and Protect the 3-Digit Number that Shapes Your Financial Future, 2nd Edition (Repost)
  93. 2009-08-04Crash Course in Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  94. 2009-08-04False Prophets: The Gurus Who Created Modern Management and Why Their Ideas Are Bad for Business Today
  95. 2009-08-04Women Migrant Workers in China's Economic Reform
  96. 2009-08-04Rogue Economics: Capitalism's New Reality
  97. 2009-08-04Interaktive Unternehmenssteuerung: Organisation, Wissen und Reziprozität auf Kapitalmärkten
  98. 2009-08-04American Tenant: Everything U Need to Know About Your Rights as a Renter
  99. 2009-08-04All For One: 10 Strategies for Building Trusted Client Partnerships
  100. 2009-08-04The Governance Structures of Chinese Firms: Innovation, Competitiveness, and Growth in a Dual Economy


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