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  1. 2009-11-11Wissen managen: Wie Unternehmen ihre wertvollste Ressource optimal nutzen
  2. 2009-11-11Economy - Energy - Environment Simulation: Beyond the Kyoto Protocol (Economy and Environment): K. Uno
  3. 2009-11-11Foundations of Genetic Algorithms: 8th International Workshop, FOGA 2005, Japan 2005
  4. 2009-11-12Powerful Exhibit Marketing: The Complete Guide to Successful Trade Shows, Conferences, and Consumer Shows
  5. 2009-11-12Optimization in Economics and Finance (repost)
  6. 2009-11-12Economics and Finance of Risk and of the Future
  7. 2009-11-12Mathematics for Economics - 2nd Edition
  8. 2009-11-12The Economics of Sin: Rational Choice or No Choice at All (repost)
  9. 2009-11-12The Economics of Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship
  10. 2009-11-12Economics of Accounting: Performance Evaluation (repost)
  11. 2009-11-12Entrepreneurial Management
  12. 2009-11-12Option Theory and Trading: A Step-by-Step Guide To Control Risk and Generate Profits
  13. 2009-11-12Business Valuation For Dummies
  14. 2009-11-12Tourism Development: Economics, Management and Strategy
  15. 2009-11-12Neukundenakquisition: Eine Erfolgsfaktorenanalyse für erklärungsbedürftige Produkte und Dienstleistungen
  16. 2009-11-13Guide pratique de l'auto-entrepreneur
  17. 2009-11-13Quantitative Finance: Its Development, Mathematical Foundations, and Current Scope
  18. 2009-11-13Dynamics of Wage Fixation in a Developing Economy: The Case of Papua New Guinea
  19. 2009-11-13Macroeconomic Consequences of Demographic Change: Modeling Issues and Applications
  20. 2009-11-15Reward Management: A Handbook of Remuneration Strategy and Practice
  21. 2009-11-15The Business Plan: How to Win Your Investors' Confidence
  22. 2009-11-15Corporate Sustainability as a Challenge for Comprehensive Management
  23. 2009-11-15La sociologie économique
  24. 2009-11-15Effective and Efficient Organisations?
  25. 2009-11-15Perfect Solutions for Difficult Employee Situations
  26. 2009-11-15The Macro Economy Today
  27. 2009-11-15Toyota Kata: Managing People for Improvement, Adaptiveness and Superior Results
  28. 2009-11-15Handbook on the Northeast and Southeast Asian Economies
  29. 2009-11-15Mastering People Management
  30. 2009-11-15Handbook of Statistics 18: Bioenvironmental and Public Health Statistics
  31. 2009-11-15Multiscale Optimization Methods and Applications (Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications)
  32. 2009-11-15Essays and Surveys in Global Optimization (Gerad 25th Anniversary Series): Charles Audet, Pierre Hansen, Gilles Savard
  33. 2009-11-15Ausbildung in der Logistik
  34. 2009-11-15Managementprozesse und Performance: Ein Konzept zur reifegradbezogenen Verbesserung des Managementhandels
  35. 2009-11-15Revenue Management: Grundlagen und Mathematische Methoden
  36. 2009-11-15Handbook of Statistics 21: Stochastic Processes: Modeling and Simulation: D. N. Shanbhag, C. Radhakrishna Rao
  37. 2009-11-15Linking Greater Mekong Subregion Enterprises to International Markets
  38. 2009-11-16Competition and Chaos: U.S. Telecommunications Since the 1996 Telecom Act
  39. 2009-11-16Spectral Analysis and Time Series. Volume 1: Univariate Series. (Probability and Mathematical Statistics): M. B. Priestley
  40. 2009-11-16SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance
  41. 2009-11-16Make Money with Condominiums and Townhouses
  42. 2009-11-16Accounting and Financial System Reform in a Transition Economy: A Case Study of Russia
  43. 2009-11-16Recursions for Convolutions and Compound Distributions with Insurance Applications
  44. 2009-11-16Derivative Strategies for Managing Portfolio Risk
  45. 2009-11-16The Real Truth about Success: What the Top 1% Do Differently, Why They Won't Tell You, and How You Can Do It Anyway!
  46. 2009-11-16Suing the Gun Industry: A Battle at the Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts
  47. 2009-11-16Signaling Goodness: Social Rules and Public Choice
  48. 2009-11-16Rethinking Risk Assessment: The MacArthur Study of Mental Disorder and Violence
  49. 2009-11-16Chart Reading for Professional Traders
  50. 2009-11-16The Entrepreneur's Guide to Writing Business Plans and Proposals
  51. 2009-11-16Cross-Cultural Business Behavior: Negotiating, Selling, Sourcing and Managing Across Cultures
  52. 2009-11-16Medieval Capital Markets. Markets for renten, State Formation and Private Investment in Holland (1300-1550)
  53. 2009-11-16Inside the Fed: Monetary Policy and Its Management, Martin through Greenspan to Bernanke
  54. 2009-11-16Getting Started in Swing Trading (repost)
  55. 2009-11-16Getting Started in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) (repost)
  56. 2009-11-17Mastering Project Management (repost)
  57. 2009-11-17Getting Started in Options, 4th Edition (repost)
  58. 2009-11-17Governments, Globalization, and International Business
  59. 2009-11-17The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger
  60. 2009-11-17How to License Your Million Dollar Idea: Everything You Need to Know to Turn a Simple Idea Into a Million Dollar Payday (Audio)
  61. 2009-11-17Liar's Poker
  62. 2009-11-17The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Hear: The Simple, Stress-Free Way to Reach Your Investment Goals
  63. 2009-11-17Way of the Turtle: The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders
  64. 2009-11-17The Way We'll Be: The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream
  65. 2009-11-17The Neoliberal Revolution in Eastern Europe: Economic Ideas in the Transition from Communism
  66. 2009-11-17The Economy of Esteem: An Essay on Civil and Political Society
  67. 2009-11-17McMillan on Options, Second Edition (repost)
  68. 2009-11-17Business Across Cultures
  69. 2009-11-17Index Investing For Dummies (repost)
  70. 2009-11-17Analysis for Financial Management
  71. 2009-11-18Hedge Fund Investment Management (ReUp)
  72. 2009-11-18Better Exam Results: A Guide for Business and Accounting Students (ReUp)
  73. 2009-11-18Best Execution and Portfolio Performance
  74. 2009-11-18Beat the Street: Investment Banking Interviews
  75. 2009-11-18Careers in Insurance and Risk Management
  76. 2009-11-18The Boston Consulting Group
  77. 2009-11-18Bain and Company
  78. 2009-11-18The Retirement Plan Solution: The Reinvention of Defined Contribution
  79. 2009-11-18Fool's Gold: How the Bold Dream of a Small Tribe at J.P. Morgan Was Corrupted by Wall Street Greed and Unleashed a Catastrophe
  80. 2009-11-18Managing Across Cultures: The Seven Keys to Doing Business with a Global Mindset
  81. 2009-11-18Fast Growth
  82. 2009-11-18International Financial Management 3rd Edition: Cheol S. Eun, Bruce G. Resnick
  83. 2009-11-18The Multivariate Normal Distribution (Springer Series in Statistics): Y. L. Tong
  84. 2009-11-18Mathematical Optimization and Economic Theory (Classics in Applied Mathematics)
  85. 2009-11-19C. Lutzenrath, K. Peppmeier, J. Schuppener - Bankstrategien für Unternehmenssanierungen
  86. 2009-11-19The Strategic Treasurer: A Partnership for Corporate Growth
  87. 2009-11-19The Truth About Day Trading Stocks: A Cautionary Tale About Hard Challenges and What It Takes To Succeed
  88. 2009-11-19Building Leadership in Project and Network Management: A Facilitator's Tool Set
  89. 2009-11-19Benjamin Graham on Investing: Enduring Lessons from the Father of Value Investing
  90. 2009-11-19Trump University Real Estate 101: Building Wealth With Real Estate Investments, 2nd Edtion
  91. 2009-11-19Strategic Navigation: A Systems Approach to Business Strategy
  92. 2009-11-19Profiting In Bull or Bear Markets
  93. 2009-11-19Life Markets: Trading Mortality and Longevity Risk with Life Settlements and Linked Securities
  94. 2009-11-19Ems Pocket: Prehospital Reference Guide
  95. 2009-11-19Technical Analysis & Options Strategies (Repost)
  96. 2009-11-19Asia's Debt Capital Markets: Prospects and Strategies for Development
  97. 2009-11-19How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition
  98. 2009-11-19Welfare And Work: Experiences In Six Cities
  99. 2009-11-20Jeffrey J. Fox - Rain: What a Paperboy Learned About Business
  100. 2009-11-20Perspectives in Modern Project Scheduling (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science)


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