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  1. 2009-11-20Happy About People-to-People Lending With How to Lend Money to Friends You've Never Met
  2. 2009-11-20Electronic Day Trading to Win
  3. 2009-11-20Electronic Day Traders' Secrets: Learn From the Best of the Best DayTraders
  4. 2009-11-20Electronic Trading Masters: Secrets from the Pros
  5. 2009-11-20Getting Started in Asset Allocation
  6. 2009-11-20Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, 4th Edition
  7. 2009-11-21Understanding Wall Street, Fifth Edition
  8. 2009-11-21PMP Certification, A Beginner's Guide (Certification Press)
  9. 2009-11-21How to Make Money in Alternative Investments
  10. 2009-11-21The Complete Book of Perfect Phrases for High-Performing Sales Professionals
  11. 2009-11-21Get a Great Job When You Don't Have a Job
  12. 2009-11-21Manager's Guide to Operations Management (Briefcase Books)
  13. 2009-11-21Repositioning: Marketing in an Era of Competition, Change and Crisis
  14. 2009-11-21The Very, Very Rich : How They Got That Way and How You Can Too!
  15. 2009-11-21The Social Media Marketing Book
  16. 2009-11-217 Secrets of Marketing in a Multi-Cultural World
  17. 2009-11-21Measuring Risk in Complex Stochastic Systems (Repost)
  18. 2009-11-21The Impact of Culture on Relationship Marketing in International Services
  19. 2009-11-22eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay's Most Successful Sellers (repost)
  20. 2009-11-22Development and the Developing World: An Introduction
  21. 2009-11-22Global Marketing
  22. 2009-11-22The Political Economy of Trust: Institutions, Interests, and Inter-Firm Cooperation in Italy and Germany
  23. 2009-11-22Agent-Based Simulation: From Modeling Methodologies to Real-World Applications
  24. 2009-11-22The Urban Mosaic of Post-Socialist Europe: Space, Institutions and Policy (Contributions to Economics)
  25. 2009-11-22Banking Principles and Practice
  26. 2009-11-22Success with Asian Names: A Practical Guide for Business and Everyday life
  27. 2009-11-22Friedrich Breyer - Mikroökonomik: Eine Einführung
  28. 2009-11-22Investing Online for Dummies, 5th Edition (repost)
  29. 2009-11-23The Russia Balance Sheet
  30. 2009-11-23Erfolgreich als GmbH-Geschäftsführer und das Vorgehen im Falle einer Krise
  31. 2009-11-23Grant Seeker's Budget Toolkit
  32. 2009-11-23Dictionary of Insurance Terms (Barron's Business Guides)
  33. 2009-11-23Trading Up: Why Consumers Want New Luxury Goods... And How Companies Create Them (Revised and Updated)
  34. 2009-11-23Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow: A Contrarian Investment Strategy for the Next Twenty Years
  35. 2009-11-23Cookin' the Book$: Say Pasta la Vista to Corporate Accounting Tricks and Fraud
  36. 2009-11-23Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers (repost)
  37. 2009-11-24Skills Shortages in South Africa: Case Studies of Key Professions
  38. 2009-11-24Trade Unions and Democracy: COSATU Workers Political Attitudes in South Africa
  39. 2009-11-24Reinventing Foreign Aid
  40. 2009-11-24Economic Growth: New Directions in Theory And Policy
  41. 2009-11-24Integrated Capacity and Price Control in Revenue Management: A Fuzzy System Approach
  42. 2009-11-24Intellectual Property Management: The Role of Technology-Brands in the Appropriation of Technological Innovation
  43. 2009-11-24International Direct Marketing: Principles, Best Practices, Marketing Facts
  44. 2009-11-24Hidden Markov Models in Finance
  45. 2009-11-24Hospitality Financial Accounting (ReUp)
  46. 2009-11-24The Manager's Guide to Health and Safety at Work
  47. 2009-11-24Moralizing International Relations: Called to Account (Sciences Po Series in International Relations and Political Economy)
  48. 2009-11-24Pricing Convertible Bonds
  49. 2009-11-24Decision Making Support Systems: Achievements, Trends and Challenges for the New Decade
  50. 2009-11-24Time series: Theory and methods (Springer series in statistics): Peter J. Brockwell, Richard A. Davis
  51. 2009-11-24Global Finance and Social Europe (New Directions in Modern Economics)
  52. 2009-11-25Reaching The Goal: How Managers Improve a Services Business Using Goldratt's Theory of Constraints
  53. 2009-11-2521st Century Management: A Reference Handbook
  54. 2009-11-25CIMA Study Systems 2006: Business Mathematics
  55. 2009-11-25Naked Finance: Business Finance Pure and Simple
  56. 2009-11-25Demographic Change in Germany: The Economic and Fiscal Consequences
  57. 2009-11-25Finanz- und Liquiditätsplanung: Die sieben Schritte
  58. 2009-11-25Finanz- und Liquiditätsplanung: Überblick
  59. 2009-11-25Monetary Policy Frameworks for Emerging Markets
  60. 2009-11-26A Defense of Intellectual Property Rights
  61. 2009-11-26Intellectual Property Enforcement: International Perspectives
  62. 2009-11-26Agriculture and the WTO: Towards a New Theory of International Agricultural Trade Regulation
  63. 2009-11-26Marco Giugni - The Politics of Unemployment in Europe
  64. 2009-11-26Regulation and Its Reform
  65. 2009-11-26An Islamic Perspective on Governance (New Horizons in Money and Finance)
  66. 2009-11-26Legal Challenges in EU Administrative Law: Towards an Integrated Administration
  67. 2009-11-27Energy Trading and Investing: Trading, Risk Management and Structuring Deals in the Energy Market
  68. 2009-11-27Reinventing Interactive and Direct Marketing: Leading Experts Show How to Maximize Digital ROI with iDirect and iBranding
  69. 2009-11-27The Essence of Stigler
  70. 2009-11-27Smoothing of Multivariate Data: Density Estimation and Visualization (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics)
  71. 2009-11-27Building Cross-Cultural Competence: How to Create Wealth from Conflicting Values
  72. 2009-11-27Sampling Statistics (Wiley Series in Survey Methodology)
  73. 2009-11-27Business Wargaming: Securing Corporate Value
  74. 2009-11-27Finite Elements: An Introduction: J. Tinsley Oden, Eric B. Becker, Graham F. Carey
  75. 2009-11-29The Law of Corporate Finance: General Principles and EU Law: Volume III: Funding, Exit, Takeovers
  76. 2009-11-29The Law of Corporate Finance: General Principles and EU Law: Volume II: Contracts in General
  77. 2009-11-29The Law of Corporate Finance: General Principles and EU Law: Volume I: Cash Flow, Risk, Agency, Information
  78. 2009-11-29Statistics for Business and Economics (4th Edition)
  79. 2009-11-29Stefano Inama - Rules of Origin in International Trade
  80. 2009-11-29Mathematical Formulas for Economists
  81. 2009-11-29Fixed Income and Interest Rate Derivative Analysis
  82. 2009-11-29Managerial Accounting. 11th Edition: Ray H Garrison, Eric Noreen, Peter C. Brewer
  83. 2009-11-29Getting Started in Technical Analysis
  84. 2009-11-29Keith A. Darden - Economic Liberalism and Its Rivals: The Formation of International Institutions among the Post-Soviet States
  85. 2009-11-29Jonas Ebbesson, Phoebe Okowa - Environmental Law and Justice in Context
  86. 2009-11-29Biography of the Dollar: How the Mighty Buck Conquered the World and Why It's Under Siege
  87. 2009-11-29China Rising: Will the West Be Able to Cope?: The Real Long-term Challenge to the Rise of China — and Asia in General
  88. 2009-11-29Institutional Work: Actors and Agency in Institutional Studies of Organizations
  89. 2009-11-29Gestion de production
  90. 2009-11-29mySAP Einführung
  91. 2009-11-29Green Cities: Urban Growth And the Environment
  92. 2009-11-29Option Pricing and Portfolio Optimization: Modern Methods of Financial Mathematics (Graduate Studies in Mathematics)
  93. by Larry M. Walther & Christopher J. Skousen / 2009-11-29Using Accounting Information
  94. by Larry M. Walther & Christopher J. Skousen / 2009-11-29Budgeting and Decision Making
  95. by Troels Troelsen / 2009-11-29Dynamic Costing
  96. by Roman Kozhan / 2009-11-29Financial Econometrics - With Eviews
  97. by Olaf Passenheim / 2009-11-30Project Management
  98. by Albert Porter / 2009-11-30Operations Management
  99. by eFinancialCareers Ltd / 2009-11-30Careers in Banking and Finance 2009/10
  100. by Ventus Publishing ApS / 2009-11-30Corporate Finance


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