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  1. 2009-12-29The State Economic Handbook 2008
  2. 2009-12-29Understanding Keynes' General Theory
  3. 2009-12-2925 Most Dangerous Sales Myths
  4. 2009-12-29The Momentum Effect
  5. 2009-12-29Deutsche Bank 2009
  6. 2009-12-29Killer Investment Banking Resumes, 4th Ed.
  7. 2009-12-29Derivatives and Internal Models
  8. 2009-12-29Cost Accounting: Traditions and Innovations (Barfield, Raiborn, Kinney): Study Guide / 5th Edition
  9. 2009-12-29Cost Accounting: Traditions & Innovations
  10. 2009-12-29Capitalism Without Capital
  11. 2009-12-29Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism: A Comprehensive Training Guide
  12. 2009-12-29Stephan Schiffman's 101 Successful Sales Strategies: Top Techniques to Boost Sales Today
  13. 2009-12-29Survival Guide for Women in Business
  14. 2009-12-29Financial Accounting: In an Economic Context, 5th Edition, Study Guide
  15. 2009-12-29Economics, Politics and Budgets: The Political Economy of Fiscal Consolidations in Europe
  16. 2009-12-29PRIVATE EQUITY FINANCE: Rise and Repercussions
  17. 2009-12-29Shaking the Invisible Hand: Complexity, Choices and Critiques
  18. 2009-12-29Preispolitik: Ein einführendes Lehr- und Übungsbuch
  19. 2009-12-29La scierie française et la production
  20. 2009-12-29Der gestiefelte Kater als Unternehmer Lehren aus Management und Maerchen
  21. 2009-12-29Grundlagen der Unternehmensführung
  22. 2009-12-30Family Values and Value Creation: The Fostering Of Enduring Values Within Family-Owned Businesses
  23. 2009-12-30Two Centuries of Compensation for U.S. Production Workers in Manufacturing
  24. 2009-12-30India's New Capitalists: Caste, Business, and Industry in a Modern Nation
  25. 2009-12-30Wine Brands: Success Strategies for New Markets, New Consumers and New Trends
  26. 2009-12-30Multiple Streams of Income - Secure A Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth
  27. 2009-12-30Leadership Perspectives: Knowledge into Action
  28. 2009-12-30Technology Management in Financial Services (Finance and Capital Markets)
  29. 2009-12-30The 25 Sales Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales Today!
  30. 2009-12-30Investing With Confidence: Understanding Political Risk Management in the 21st Century
  31. 2009-12-30International Differences in the Business Practices and Productivity of Firms
  32. 2009-12-30Corporate Governance and Firm Performance
  33. 2009-12-30Réussir sa compta avec Ciel
  34. 2009-12-30Synthetic Worlds: Nature, Art and the Chemical Industry
  35. 2009-12-30Business Law (Barron's Business Review Series)
  36. 2009-12-30Windenergie in Deutschland: Konstellationen, Dynamiken und Regulierungspotenziale im Innovationsprozess
  37. 2009-12-30Industrial Policy in Europe, Japan and the USA: Amounts, Mechanisms and Effectiveness
  38. 2009-12-30Bloomberg on the Economy 2009
  39. by Detlef Seese (Editor), Christof Weinhardt (Editor), Frank Schlottmann (Editor) / 2009-12-31[request]Handbook on Information Technology in Finance
  40. 2009-12-31How to Use a Short Sale to Stop Home Foreclosure and Protect Your Finances
  41. 2009-12-31Management von Integrationsprojekten: Konzeptionelle Grundlagen und Fallstudien aus fachlicher und IT-Sicht
  42. 2009-12-31J.K. Lasser's Real Estate Investors Tax Edge: Top Secret Strategies of Millionaires Exposed
  43. 2009-12-31J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2010: Your Complete Guide to Everything Deductible
  44. 2009-12-31JK Lasser's Small Business Taxes 2010: Your Complete Guide to a Better Bottom Line
  45. 2009-12-31Economic Policy Options for a Prosperous Nigeria
  46. 2009-12-31Management Lives: Power and Identity in Work Organizations
  47. 2009-12-31Stock Investing for Dummies (repost)
  48. 2009-12-31Understanding and Profiting from Intellectual Property
  49. 2009-12-31Secrets of Millionaire Investors [Repost]
  50. 2010-01-02The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers
  51. 2010-01-02Interest Rates, Exchange Rates and World Monetary Policy
  52. 2010-01-02Integriertes Umweltkostenmanagement: Bezugsrahmen und Konzeption für eine ökologisch-nachhaltige Unternehmensführung
  53. 2010-01-02The Dynamics of Emerging Stock Markets: Empirical Assessments and Implications
  54. 2010-01-02Pricing of Derivatives on Mean-Reverting Assets (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
  55. 2010-01-02Multisector Growth Models: Theory and Application
  56. 2010-01-02Self-Organisation: Counter-Economic Strategies
  57. 2010-01-02Predictably Rational?: In Search of Defenses for Rational Behavior in Economics
  58. 2010-01-02The Power of Profit: Business and Economic Analyses, Forecasting, and Stock Valuation
  59. 2010-01-02The Microsoft Case: Antitrust, High Technology, and Consumer Welfare
  60. 2010-01-02Retailing in the 21st Century: Current and Future Trends
  61. 2010-01-02The Making of Modern Economics [Audio Book]
  62. 2010-01-02Accounting und Unternehmensfinanzierung
  63. 2010-01-02Global Finance at Risk: On Real Stagnation and Instability (repost)
  64. 2010-01-02China Calling: A Foot in the Global Door
  65. 2010-01-02Microeconomics Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide (repost)
  66. 2010-01-02Harry Potter: The Story of a Global Business Phenomenon
  67. 2010-01-02Commodity Trader's Almanac 2010
  68. 2010-01-02A Complete Guide to Developing a Successful Internet Business from Home
  69. 2010-01-03Topics in Market Microstructure
  70. 2010-01-03Management Between Strategy and Finance: The Four Seasons of Business
  71. 2010-01-03The Starbucks Experience: 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary
  72. 2010-01-03Introduction aux plans d'expériences
  73. 2010-01-03Risques professionnels : Caractéristiques, réglementation, prévention
  74. 2010-01-03Банковское дело. Экспресс-курс
  75. 2010-01-03Finance, Development, and the IMF
  76. 2010-01-03From Stochastic Calculus to Mathematical Finance: The Shiryaev Festschrift (repost)
  77. 2010-01-03Sex and Reason
  78. 2010-01-04Oliver Prokein - IT-Risikomanagement. Identifikation, Quantifizierung und wirtschaftliche Steuerung
  79. 2010-01-04Alexandra Coenenberg - Die bilanzielle Behandlung von Handy-Subventionen bei Mobilfunkunternehmen
  80. 2010-01-04Ursula Christine Loisch - Organisationskultur als Einflussgröße der Export Performance
  81. 2010-01-04Carsten Rahlfs - Redefinition der Wertschöpfungskette von Versicherungsunternehmen
  82. 2010-01-04Manuel Rimkus - Wissenstransfer in Clustern, untersucht am Beispiel des Biotechstandorts Martinsried
  83. 2010-01-04Birte Sewing - Exit-Management in Private Equity. Eine qualitative Untersuchung großer Buyout-Gesellschaften
  84. 2010-01-04Matthias Maucher - Grundsätze ordnungsmäßiger Lageberichterstattung
  85. 2010-01-04Tobias Kesting, Carsten Rennhak - Marktsegmentierung in der deutschen Unternehmenspraxis
  86. 2010-01-04Christian Hee, Lutz Hofmann - Wetterderivate. Grundlagen, Exposure, Anwendung und Bewertung
  87. 2010-01-04Pascal Schumacher - Effektivität von Ausgestaltungsformen des Product Placement
  88. 2010-01-04Grundlagen der Immobilienwirtschaft: Recht - Steuern - Marketing - Finanzierung - Bestandsmanagement - Projektentwicklung
  89. 2010-01-04Business Plans Kit For Dummies (repost)
  90. 2010-01-04The Future of EMU
  91. 2010-01-04Management Control in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  92. 2010-01-04The Work Breakdown Structure in Government Contracting (Repost)
  93. 2010-01-04The Project Management Question and Answer Book (Repost)
  94. 2010-01-04Founder Turnover in Venture Capital Backed Start-Up Companies
  95. 2010-01-04Investment Decisions of Illiquid Assets
  96. 2010-01-04New Dimensions of Business Reporting and XBRL
  97. 2010-01-04Innovation Strategy and Firm Performance
  98. 2010-01-04Long-term Orientation of Family Firms
  99. 2010-01-04When the Market Moves, Will You Be Ready? (Repost)
  100. 2010-01-04Value Creation in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances


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