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  1. 2019-10-24This Is Not a Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook 2019
  2. 2019-10-24The Wonders of Nature
  3. 2019-10-24Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds: A visual encyclopedia of the plant kingdom 2019
  4. 2019-10-24Power and Impact (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series) 2020
  5. 2019-10-2415 Minutes of Power: The Uncertain Life of British Ministers
  6. 2019-10-24The Dalai Lama: His Essential Wisdom
  7. 2019-10-24How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist: 330 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Home, Community, and World - at No Cost!
  8. 2019-10-25The Day War Broke Out: Untold true stories of how British families faced the Second World War together
  9. 2019-10-25Samurai Armies 1550–1615, Book 86 (Men-at-Arms)
  10. 2019-10-25Napoleon: The Man Behind the Myth
  11. 2019-10-25Roman Centurions 31 BC–AD 500: The Classical and Late Empire, Book 479
  12. 2019-10-25US Navy SEALs
  13. 2019-10-25Roman Centurions 753–31 BC: The Kingdom and the Age of Consuls, Book 470
  14. 2019-10-25Talking With Psychopaths and Savages: Beyond Evil
  15. 2019-10-26Prepper\'s Pantry: Build a Nutritious Stockpile to Survive Blizzards, Blackouts, Hurricanes, Pandemics, Economic Collapse, or Any Other Disasters
  16. 2019-10-26Chasing My Cure: A Doctor\'s Race to Turn Hope into Action; A Memoir
  17. 2019-10-26Bloc Life: Stories from the Lost World of Communism
  18. 2019-10-26Crossfire Hurricane: Inside Donald Trump's War on the FBI
  19. 2019-10-26How to Have Impossible Conversations: A Very Practical Guide 2019
  20. 2019-10-26But Where Do I Put the Couch?: And Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions
  21. 2019-10-26Imagined Life: A Speculative Scientific Journey among the Exoplanets in Search of Intelligent Aliens, Ice Creatures, and Supergravity Animals
  22. 2019-10-26The Italian Wars 1494-1559: War, State and Society in Early Modern Europe
  23. 2019-10-26The World War II History Journals: 1939: 80th Anniversary of WW2 Editio
  24. 2019-10-27Presidents of the United States of America: A History of America's Leaders
  25. 2019-10-27Leading the Way: Inspiring Words for Women on How to Live and Lead with Courage, Confidence, and Authenticity
  26. 2019-10-27Wildhood: The Epic Journey from Adolescence to Adulthood in Humans and Other Animals
  27. 2019-10-27Find Your F*ckyeah: Stop Censoring Who You Are and Discover What You Really Want
  28. 2019-10-27Still With It!: The Funny Side of Growing Older
  29. 2019-10-27The Ethical Sellout: Maintaining Your Integrity in the Age of Compromise 2019
  30. 2019-10-27Undersea Warriors: The Untold History of the Royal Navy's Secret Service
  31. 2019-10-27DOWNLOAD
  32. 2019-10-27The Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection: 1898–1902
  33. 2019-10-28We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast
  34. 2019-10-28The Pity of It All: A Portrait of the German-Jewish Epoch, 1743-1933
  35. 2019-10-28My Very Important World: For Little Learners who want to Know about the World 2019
  36. 2019-10-28Pablo Escobar's Story 2: Narcos at War
  37. 2019-10-28Napoleon's Polish Troops
  38. 2019-10-28The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls 2019
  39. 2019-10-28Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: Wonderful Wisdom from Everyone's Favorite Neighbor
  40. 2019-10-28The Happiness Trap Pocketbook: An Illustrated Guide on How to Stop Struggling and Start Living
  41. 2019-10-28The Berlin Airlift: The Cold War's most remarkable operation
  42. 2019-10-28D DAY Through German Eyes - The Hidden Story of June 6th 1944
  43. 2019-10-28For All It Was Worth: A Memoir of Hitler’s Germany - Before, During and After WWII
  44. 2019-10-28Football Hackers: The Science and Art of a Data Revolution 2019
  45. 2019-10-28Out of Our Minds: What We Think and How We Came to Think It 2019
  46. 2019-10-28Rethinking Consciousness: A Scientific Theory of Subjective Experience
  47. 2019-10-28Irish History Matters: Politics, Identities and Commemoration
  48. 2019-10-28Heart of Europe: A History of the Holy Roman Empire
  49. 2019-10-28Age of Coexistence: The Ecumenical Frame and the Making of the Modern Arab World
  50. 2019-10-28Soviet T-55 Main Battle Tank
  51. 2019-10-28Nieuwpoort 1600: The First Modern Battle
  52. 2019-10-28Empowering Revolution: America, Poland, and the End of the Cold War
  53. 2019-10-28Breaking Negative Thinking Patterns: A Schema Therapy Self-Help and Support Book
  54. 2019-10-29Einstein on the Run: How Britain Saved the World’s Greatest Scientist
  55. 2019-10-29Possessed: Why We Want More Than We Need
  56. 2019-10-29Next-Level Spiritual Warfare: Advanced Strategies for Defeating the Enemy
  57. 2019-10-29Miracle Moments in New York Giants Football History: Best Plays, Games, and Records
  58. 2019-10-29Chester A. Arthur: The Accidental President
  59. 2019-10-29Peaky Blinders: The Real Story: The new true history of Birmingham's most notorious gangs
  60. 2019-10-29How to be Sober and Keep Your Friends: Tips, Hacks & Drinks
  61. 2019-10-29Airborne : Finding Foxtrot Alpha Mike
  62. 2019-10-29Trends in the Draw of Americans to Foreign Terrorist Organizations from 9/11 to Today
  63. 2019-10-29Becoming Super Woman: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Go from Burnout to Balance
  64. 2019-10-30Disability: A Reference Handbook 2019
  65. 2019-10-30Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives (6th Edition)
  66. 2019-10-30World War II Survival: The epic story of Leonid Aleksandrov’s journey from Russia to Normandy and Berlin
  67. 2019-10-3050 Things They Don\'t Want You to Know
  68. 2019-10-30The Art of War: Volume 1 - The British (A collection of 130 British World War Two propaganda posters)
  69. 2019-10-30Official U.S. Army Survival Handbook
  70. 2019-10-30Preponderance in U.S. Foreign Policy: Monster in the Closet
  71. 2019-10-30The Rise of NonProfit Investigative Journalism in the United States
  72. 2019-10-30Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World
  73. 2019-10-30Documents of Native American Political Development : 1933 to Present
  74. 2019-10-30The Lighten Up Book: Affirmations and Insights to Inspire Health and Happiness
  75. 2019-10-30Food Fights: How History Matters to Contemporary Food Debates 2019
  76. 2019-10-31Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces: Uniforms and equipment 1932–45
  77. 2019-10-31The German Army in World War I (3): 1917–18
  78. 2019-10-31The German Army in World War I (1): 1914–15
  79. 2019-10-31German Army Elite Units 1939–45
  80. 2019-10-31Freedom: The Overthrow of the Slave Empires
  81. 2019-10-31Heirs of an Honored Name: The Decline of the Adams Family and the Rise of Modern America
  82. 2019-10-31Timelines of War: A Chronology of Warfare From 100,000 B.C. to the Present
  83. 2019-10-31Leadership in War: Essential Lessons from Those Who Made History
  84. 2019-10-31History Day by Day: 366 Voices from the Past
  85. 2019-10-31The Seine: The River that Made Paris
  86. 2019-10-31Keep It Moving: Lessons for the Rest of Your Life
  87. 2019-10-31America and the Just War Tradition : A History of U.S. Conflicts
  88. 2019-10-31Double Agent: My Secret Life Undercover in the IRA
  89. 2019-10-31Daring Women of History: Amelia Earhart
  90. 2019-10-31Holding the Line: Inside Trump\'s Pentagon with Secretary Mattis
  91. 2019-10-31Force Recon Diary, 1970: A True Account of Courage in Vietnam
  92. 2019-11-01The Fall of Richard Nixon: A Reporter Remembers Watergate
  93. 2019-11-01Hymns of the Republic: The Story of the Final Year of the American Civil War
  94. 2019-11-01Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Why The Democrats Must Not Win
  95. 2019-11-01The Spartans: An Epic History
  96. 2019-11-02Inner Voices: My Journey with Psychosis and Schizophrenia
  97. 2019-11-02Home Now: How 6000 Refugees Transformed an American Town
  98. 2019-11-02The Berlin Mission: The American Who Resisted Nazi Germany from Withi
  99. 2019-11-02Explorers: Amazing Tales of the World's Greatest Adventurers
  100. 2019-11-02Flight of the Highlanders: The Making of Canada
  101. 2019-11-02How the Other Half Learns: Equality, Excellence, and the Battle Over School Choice


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