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  1. 2019-09-30Embedded Microprocessor Systems; Real World Design (Embedded Technology), 3rd Edition
  2. 2019-09-30Digital Systems Testing & Testable Design
  3. 2019-10-01Experiments Manual for Electronics; Principles & Applications, 9th Edition
  4. 2019-10-01Semistructured Database Design (Web Information Systems Engineering and Internet Technologies Book Series 1)
  5. 2019-10-01Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems (Computational Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Dynamic Systems)
  6. 2019-10-01Embedded Systems Design with Platform FPGAs; Principles and Practices,
  7. 2019-10-01Systems Engineering with SysML/UML; Modeling, Analysis, Design (The MK/OMG Press)
  8. 2019-10-01Hartmann, Dutrueilh - Cours de langue française, Cours Préparatoire,
  9. 2019-10-01M. Boyer - Nouveau manuel complet du porcelainier
  10. 2019-10-01Digital Control Systems; Design, Identification and Implementation (Communications and Control Engineering)
  11. 2019-10-02Building Microservices; Designing Fine-Grained Systems
  12. 2019-10-02A. George-Grimblot - Études sur la truffe
  13. 2019-10-03Architectural Design of Multi-Agent Systems; Technologies and Techniques
  14. 2019-10-03Jules Jacob - Le jeu de l'épée
  15. 2019-10-03Retro Gamer UK - Issue 199 , 2019
  16. 2019-10-033D World UK - December 2019
  17. 2019-10-03Cocktail Italiano; The Definitive Guide to Aperitivo; Drinks, Nibbles, and Tales of the Italian Riviera
  18. 2019-10-03Embedded Systems Design; An Introduction to Processes, Tools, and Techniques
  19. 2019-10-04C. J. Chambet - Emblème des fleurs, ou, Parterre de flore
  20. 2019-10-04Frequency-Domain Control Design for High-Performance Systems (Control, Robotics and Sensors)
  21. by Debbie Levitt / 2019-10-04[request_ebook] Udemy- Interactive Prototyping With Axure RP 8: Core Skills
  22. 2019-10-05Designing Object Systems; Object-Oriented Modelling with Syntropy
  23. 2019-10-05WWE Friday Night SmackDown 2019.10.04 720p HDTV x264-NWCHD
  24. 2019-10-05Operating Systems In Depth; Design and Programming,
  25. 2019-10-05Alexandre Dumas - Petit dictionnaire de cuisine
  26. 2019-10-06A Score to Settle 2019 720p BRRIP x264-x0r
  27. 2019-10-06Star Wars Resistance S02E01 WEBRipx264-RBB
  28. 2019-10-06Lottin De Laval - Manuel complet de lottinoplastique : l'art du moulage
  29. 2019-10-06Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements-P2P
  30. 2019-10-06Digital Design (Verilog); An Embedded Systems Approach Using Verilog
  31. 2019-10-07Power Electronics, Volume 2 : Drive Technology and Motion Control-P2P
  32. 2019-10-07Mastering Adobe Photoshop Elements-P2P
  33. 2019-10-07Revo Uninstaller Pro 4.2.0 Multilingual-P2P
  34. 2019-10-08César de Bazancourt - Les secrets de l'épée (2 éditions)
  35. 2019-10-09Harpoon 2019 HDRip AC3 x264-CMRG
  36. 2019-10-09Perre Duhem - Traité élémentaire de mécanique chimique
  37. by Eric Lichtblau / 2019-10-09Return to the Reich: A Holocaust Refugee’s Secret Mission to Defeat the Nazis
  38. 2019-10-09What are the Stars? EPUB
  39. 2019-10-09Mastering Machine Learning with Python in Six Steps: A Practical Implementation Guide to Predictive Data Analytics Using Python, 2nd Edition
  40. 2019-10-09Query Store for SQL Server 2019: Identify and Fix Poorly Performing Queries
  41. 2019-10-09Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics, Second Edition
  42. 2019-10-09The IT Support Handbook: A How-To Guide to Providing Effective Help and Support to IT Users 2019
  43. 2019-10-09Statistical Mechanics: An Introductory Graduate Course 2019
  44. 2019-10-09The Russia Trap: How Our Shadow War with Russia Could Spiral into Nuclear Catastrophe 2019
  45. 2019-10-09Coding Projects in Scratch 2019: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Coding Your Own Animations, Games, Simulations, and More!, 2nd Edition
  46. 2019-10-09Technology and the Growth of Civilization 2019
  47. 2019-10-09Practical Domain-Driven Design in Enterprise Java: Using Jakarta EE, Eclipse MicroProfile, Spring Boot, and the Axon Framework
  48. 2019-10-09The Rust Programming Language (Covers Rust 2018)
  49. 2019-10-09Advanced Linear Machines and Drive Systems 2019
  50. 2019-10-09Practical Data Science with Python 3: Synthesizing Actionable Insights from Data 2019
  51. 2019-10-09The Art of Statistics: How to Learn from Data 2019
  52. 2019-10-10B. Allent - Les animaux industrieux
  53. 2019-10-10Kubernetes: Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure, 2nd Edition 2019
  54. 2019-10-10Electromagnetic Metamaterials: Modern Insights into Macroscopic Electromagnetic Fields 2019
  55. 2019-10-10The Mind of an Engineer PDF, EPUB
  56. 2019-10-10Building an Enterprise Chatbot: Work with Protected Enterprise Data Using Open Source Frameworks
  57. 2019-10-10Scientific Discovery in the Social Sciences 2019
  58. 2019-10-10How Science Works: Evolution: The Nature of Science & The Science of Nature, Second Edition
  59. 2019-10-10Living with China: Finding a Middle Power\'s Middle Way 2019
  60. 2019-10-11Un Gastronome Emerite - L'art d'accommoder les restes
  61. 2019-10-11Go Programming Cookbook, 2nd Edition 2019 PDF
  62. 2019-10-11Philippe Benoit - Manuel complet du boulanger
  63. 2019-10-12Stargazing: Photographs of the Night Sky from the Archives of NASA 2019
  64. 2019-10-12Artificial Intelligence Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction
  65. 2019-10-12Introducing MySQL Shell: Administration Made Easy with Python 2019
  66. 2019-10-12C for Lazy Programmers: Quick, Easy, and Fun C for Beginners 2019
  67. 2019-10-12Computational Fluid Dynamics: Applications in Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Treatment 2019
  68. 2019-10-12Generative Deep Learning: Teaching Machines to Paint, Write, Compose, and Play 2019
  69. 2019-10-12A Math-Based Writing System for Engineers: Sentence Algebra & Document Algorithms 2020
  70. 2019-10-12Strengthening Deep Neural Networks: Making AI Less Susceptible to Adversarial Trickery 2019
  71. 2019-10-12Joseph Bruna - La Cuisine des aliments frigorifiés
  72. 2019-10-13Henri Biège - Le gaz d'éclairage et ses applications modernes
  73. by udacity / 2019-10-14[request_ebook] [request_ebook] aws cloud developer
  74. 2019-10-14Building Android Apps in Python Using Kivy with Android Studio: With Pyjnius, Plyer, and Buildozer 2019
  75. 2019-10-14Artificial Intelligence and Security Challenges in Emerging Networks 2019
  76. 2019-10-14Artificial intelligence - When do machines take over? 2020
  77. 2019-10-14Data Science with Python: Combine Python with machine learning principles to discover hidden patterns in raw data 2019
  78. 2019-10-14Enterprise API Management: Design and deliver valuable business APIs 2019
  79. 2019-10-14J. J. N. Huot - Nouveau Manuel complet de Minéralogie
  80. 2019-10-15Satanic Panic 2019 BRRip AC3 x264-CMRG
  81. 2019-10-15Friedrich Wiltner - Manuel pratique du savonnier
  82. 2019-10-15Java™ Programming; From Problem Analysis to Program Design (Introduction to Programming), 4th Edition
  83. 2019-10-15Introduction to the Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  84. 2019-10-15Alfred d'Urbanitzky - Les lampes électriques et leurs accessoires
  85. 2019-10-15Selfie Biometrics: Advances and Challenges 2019
  86. 2019-10-15Numerical C: Applied Computational Programming with Case Studies 2019
  87. 2019-10-15Pro PowerShell for Amazon Web Services 2019
  88. 2019-10-15Computational Intelligence and Optimization Methods for Control Engineering 2019
  89. 2019-10-15Flowing Matter 2019
  90. 2019-10-15Software Engineering from Scratch: A Comprehensive Introduction Using Scala 2019
  91. 2019-10-15Deploy Containers on AWS: With EC2, ECS, and EKS 2019
  92. 2019-10-15Structural Materials: Properties and Selection
  93. 2019-10-15Computing and Communication Systems in Urban Development: A Detailed Perspective 2019
  94. 2019-10-15Future-Proof Software-Systems: A Sustainable Evolution Strategy 2019
  95. 2019-10-16Beginning Game Development with Amazon Lumberyard: Create 3D Games Using Amazon Lumberyard and Lua 2019
  96. 2019-10-16Recent Developments in the Theory of Shells
  97. 2019-10-16Fixed Point Theorems and Applications, PDF, EPUB 2019
  98. 2019-10-16Soft Skills to Advance Your Developer Career: Actionable Steps to Help Maximize Your Potential 2019
  99. 2019-10-16J. Blondin - L'Eclairage électrique, Volume IV ; n° 27
  100. 2019-10-17Hands-On Embedded Programming with Qt
  101. 2019-10-17Statistics for Data Science


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