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  1. 2017-01-12[PDF] Creating Good Work: The World's Leading Social Entrepreneurs Show How to Build A Healthy Economy
  2. 2017-01-12[PDF] Telecare Technologies and the Transformation of Healthcare (Health Technology and Society)
  3. 2017-01-12[PDF] Same Sex Marriages: New Generations, New Relationships
  4. 2017-01-12[PDF] Work, Family Policies and Transitions to Adulthood in Europe (Work and Welfare in Europe)
  5. 2017-01-12[PDF] Socialising Children (Studies in Childhood and Youth)
  6. 2017-01-12[PDF] Photojournalism: A Social Semiotic Approach
  7. 2017-01-12[PDF] Agents of Witchcraft in Early Modern Italy and Denmark
  8. 2017-01-12[PDF] Government formation in Multi-Level Settings: Party Strategy and Institutional Constraints (Comparative Territorial Politics)
  9. 2017-01-12[PDF] Germany, Poland and Postmemorial Relations: In Search of a Livable Past (Europe in Transition - The NYU European Studies Series) [German]
  10. 2017-01-12[PDF] Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia
  11. 2017-01-12[PDF] British Military Withdrawal and the Rise of Regional Cooperation in South-East Asia, 1964-73
  12. 2017-01-12[PDF] Regulating for Decent Work: New Directions in Labour Market Regulation (Advances in Labour Studies)
  13. 2017-01-12[PDF] Language Policy and Language Planning: From Nationalism to Globalisation
  14. 2017-01-12[PDF] Equilibrium and Evolution: Alfred Marshall and the Marshallians
  15. 2017-01-12[PDF] Enlarging the European Union: The Commission Seeking Influence, 1961-1973
  16. 2017-01-12[PDF] Workers and Labour in a Globalised Capitalism: Contemporary Themes and Theoretical Issues
  17. 2017-01-12[PDF] Biopolitical Experience: Foucault, Power and Positive Critique
  18. 2017-01-12[PDF] Gender, Youth and Culture: Young Masculinities and Femininities
  19. 2017-01-12[PDF] The Global Economic Crisis and the Future of Migration: Issues and Prospects: What will migration look like in 2045?
  20. 2017-01-12[PDF] Writing the Rules for Europe: Experts, Cartels, and International Organizations (Making Europe)
  21. 2017-01-12[PDF] Positive and Normative Analysis in International Economics: Essays in Honour of Hiroshi Ohta
  22. 2017-01-12[PDF] Torture Porn: Popular Horror after Saw
  23. 2017-01-12[PDF] Leadership: All You Need To Know
  24. 2017-01-12[PDF] Royal Court: International
  25. 2017-01-12[PDF] Sidgwick and Contemporary Utilitarianism
  26. 2017-01-12[PDF] Hedge Fund Replication
  27. 2017-01-12[PDF] Writing about Quantitative Research in Applied Linguistics
  28. 2017-01-12[PDF] French Comedy on Screen: A Cinematic History
  29. 2017-01-12[PDF] Pragmatism and Diversity: Dewey in the Context of Late Twentieth Century Debates
  30. 2017-01-12[PDF] Savage Anxieties: The Invention of Western Civilization
  31. 2017-01-12[PDF] Reforming Health Care in the United States, Germany, and South Africa: Comparative Perspectives on Health (Perspectives in Comparative Politics) [German]
  32. 2017-01-12[PDF] Eugene O'Neill's One-Act Plays: New Critical Perspectives
  33. 2017-01-12[PDF] The Reckoning: Debt, Democracy, and the Future of American Power
  34. 2017-01-12[PDF] Iconic Power: Materiality and Meaning in Social Life (Cultural Sociology)
  35. 2017-01-12[PDF] Housewives of Japan: An Ethnography of Real Lives and Consumerized Domesticity
  36. 2017-01-12[PDF] Jose Marti: Images of Memory and Mourning
  37. 2017-01-12[PDF] Silencing Cinema: Film Censorship around the World
  38. 2017-01-12[PDF] Screening the Dark Side of Love: From Euro-Horror to American Cinema
  39. 2017-01-12[PDF] Customer Sense: How the 5 Senses Influence Buying Behavior
  40. 2017-01-12[PDF] Revolutionary Dissent: How the Founding Generation Created the Freedom of Speech
  41. 2017-01-12[PDF] The NYPD Tapes: A Shocking Story of Cops, Cover-ups, and Courage
  42. 2017-01-12[PDF] The Gold Standard Peripheries: Monetary Policy, Adjustment and Flexibility in a Global Setting
  43. 2017-01-12[PDF] Economies in Transition: The Long-Run View
  44. 2017-01-12[PDF] Migration, Space and Transnational Identities: The British in South Africa (Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship)
  45. 2017-01-12[PDF] A History of Japan: From Stone Age to Superpower
  46. 2017-01-12[PDF] How Family Firms Differ: Structure, Strategy, Governance and Performance
  47. 2017-01-12[PDF] Phenomenology and the Problem of Time
  48. 2017-01-12[PDF] Adorno and Art: Aesthetic Theory Contra Critical Theory
  49. 2017-01-12[PDF] The Nature of Classification: Relationships and Kinds in the Natural Sciences (New Directions in the Philosophy of Science)
  50. 2017-01-12[PDF] The Child in British Literature: Literary Constructions of Childhood, Medieval to Contemporary
  51. 2017-01-12[PDF] Regions and Crises: New Challenges for Contemporary Regionalisms (International Political Economy Series)
  52. 2017-01-12[PDF] Basel III, the Devil and Global Banking
  53. 2017-01-12[PDF] History, Memory and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: Memory Games
  54. 2017-01-12[PDF] Luxury Strategy in Action
  55. 2017-01-12[PDF] Base Colonies in the Western Hemisphere, 1940-1967 (Studies of the Americas)
  56. 2017-01-12[PDF] Best Practices in Management Accounting
  57. 2017-01-12[PDF] Ethics in Marketing and Communications: Towards a Global Perspective
  58. 2017-01-12[PDF] Housing East Asia: Socioeconomic and Demographic Challenges
  59. 2017-01-12[PDF] Social Enterprises: An Organizational Perspective
  60. 2017-01-12[PDF] Care, Uncertainty and Intergenerational Ethics
  61. 2017-01-12[PDF] Fixing Drugs: The Politics of Drug Prohibition
  62. 2017-01-12[PDF] A Wealth of Buildings: Marking the Rhythm of English History: Volume I: 1066-1688
  63. 2017-01-12[PDF] Joan de Valence: The Life and Influence of a Thirteenth-Century Noblewoman (The New Middle Ages)
  64. 2017-01-12[PDF] Internet Econometrics
  65. 2017-01-12[PDF] The Races of Europe: Construction of National Identities in the Social Sciences, 1839-1939
  66. 2017-01-12[PDF] Chinese Fossil Vertebrates
  67. 2017-01-12[PDF] Hedley Bull and the Accommodation of Power (Palgrave Studies in International Relations)
  68. 2017-01-12[PDF] Social Media and Personal Relationships: Online Intimacies and Networked Friendship (Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Family and Intimate Life)
  69. 2017-01-12[PDF] Plato's Problem: An Introduction to Mathematical Platonism
  70. 2017-01-12[PDF] Psychology in the Bathroom
  71. 2017-01-12[PDF] Financial Crisis: The United States in the Early Twenty-First Century
  72. 2017-01-12[PDF] Tribal Marketing, Tribal Branding: An expert guide to the brand co-creation process
  73. 2017-01-12[PDF] Human Foundations of Management: Understanding the Homo Humanus
  74. 2017-01-12[PDF] A Wittgensteinian Perspective on the Use of Conceptual Analysis in Psychology
  75. 2017-01-12[PDF] Scientific Enquiry and Natural Kinds: From Planets to Mallards (New Directions in the Philosophy of Science)
  76. 2017-01-12[PDF] 1968 in Europe: A History of Protest and Activism, 1956-1977
  77. 2017-01-12[PDF] Transnational Popular Psychology and the Global Self-Help Industry: The Politics of Contemporary Social Change
  78. 2017-01-12[PDF] Keynes for the Twenty-First Century: The Continuing Relevance of The General Theory
  79. 2017-01-12[PDF] Credit Portfolio Management: A Practitioner's Guide to the Active Management of Credit Risks (Global Financial Markets)
  80. 2017-01-12[PDF] Marketing to the Ageing Consumer: The Secrets to Building an Age-Friendly Business
  81. 2017-01-12[PDF] The EU as a Global Security Actor: A Comprehensive Analysis beyond CFSP and JHA (Palgrave Studies in European Union Politics)
  82. 2017-01-12[PDF] Freud's Drive: Psychoanalysis, Literature and Film (Language, Discourse, Society)
  83. 2017-01-12[PDF] Modernism and Market Fantasy: British Fictions of Capital, 1910-1939
  84. 2017-01-12[PDF] Formal Matters in Contemporary Latino Poetry
  85. 2017-01-12[PDF] Utopia in the Age of Globalization: Space, Representation, and the World-System
  86. 2017-01-12[PDF] Leading the Board: The Six Disciplines of World Class Chairmen
  87. 2017-01-12[PDF] Managing Flow: A Process Theory of the Knowledge-Based Firm
  88. 2017-01-12[PDF] Strategy, Value and Risk: A Guide to Advanced Financial Management (Global Financial Markets)
  89. 2017-01-12[PDF] The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism
  90. 2017-01-12[PDF] Talent Management of Self-Initiated Expatriates: A Neglected Source of Global Talent
  91. 2017-01-12[PDF] A New History of British Documentary
  92. 2017-01-12[PDF] Relational Rituals and Communication: Ritual Interaction in Groups
  93. 2017-01-12[PDF] Essential Business Vocabulary Builder: Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate [With CD (Audio)]
  94. 2017-01-12[PDF] Pte Academic Testbuilder: Student's Book Audio Pack
  95. 2017-01-12[PDF] Skillful Reading and Writing Student's Book Digibook Level 3
  96. 2017-01-12[PDF] New Proficiency Testbuilder
  97. 2017-01-12[PDF] The Social Construction of Sexuality and Perversion: Deconstructing Sadomasochism
  98. 2017-01-12[PDF] Medicine and the Market in England and Its Colonies, c. 1450-c. 1850
  99. 2017-01-12[PDF] Language and Education in Japan: Unequal Access to Bilingualism (Palgrave Studies in Minority Languages and Communities)
  100. 2017-01-12[PDF] Engineering Empires: A Cultural History of Technology in Nineteenth-Century Britain
  101. 2017-01-12[PDF] Project Portfolio Management: Leading the Corporate Vision


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